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Can voxel engines use functional programming efficiently?

My voxel engine will do a lot of threading. If I used locks, There would be too much contention, Because they all need to access the chunks. I decided to implement my threaded section using Functional ...
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Godot play video after file load

I used WebM video in my game but it's lagging. The audio is few secs delayed then video. Is there any way to load the video first then play so that the lagging doesn't occurs
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Handling "nested" user actions in client/server card game

I'm developing a card game in JavaScript in a functional programming style and I'm unsure what is the best way to implement the flow of player actions that require other player actions for their ...
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Pure functional programming and game state

Is there a common technique to handle state (in general) in a functional programming language? There are solutions in every (functional) programming language to handle global state, but I want to ...
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Options for a functional-style enthusiast? [duplicate]

Senior programmer who has been coding in a functional style for years. I want to make an attempt on the indie games market, but I don't find any good, big platform that provides a good way to code ...
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Is there any game engine using a functional programming language? [closed]

Is there any game engine using a functional programming language similar to Scheme, Common Lisp, Clojure or JavaScript? I've tried Unity3D but their "JavaScript" is not actually JavaScript, is ...
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What functional language is most suited to create games with? [closed]

I have had my eye on functional programming languages for a while, but am hesitating to actually get into them. But I think it's about time I at least starting glancing that direction to make sure I'm ...
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What are the challenges and benefits of writing games with a functional language? [closed]

While I know that functional languages aren't the most commonly used for game writing, there are a lot of benefits associate with them that seem like they would be interesting in any programming ...