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Questions tagged [fullscreen]

Refers to rendering a game so that it takes up an entire screen, either via an exclusive GPU mode that gives the game privileged access to the GPU or using a borderless window arranged to cover the entire space of the screen.

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Gamemaker Studio 2 window_set_fullscreen() causes entire screen to go gray, CRTL ALT DEL doesn't work

I'm working on a small game in Gamemaker: Studio 2 in which the user can press F11 to toggle fullscreen. In the "Key Press - F11 Event, I've added the following code: ...
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1 vote
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Why does BorderLayout crop out JSlider on JFrame

I have some working code with a small circle randomly appearing around a large circle in the middle, kinda like planets. I have implemented a JSlider that controls the speed of the small ball moving ...
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1 vote
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MonoGame minimises when I click on second game window

I've problem with my MonoGame project. I have one full-screen game window and one window form with some info (part of the game too). And the problem lies in when I click on the window form, the main ...
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Handling different screen sizes in multiplayer games

sorry if this has been asked already. I did some checking around and couldn't find any helpful advice. I'm developing my first multiplayer game, and it'll be fullscreen when run. My issue is, how do ...
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Construct 3 is crashing

when I try to change the fullscreen mode in construct it randomly says "Construct is not responding". that's all the details I really have.
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How can I prevent other applications from interrupting my game's exclusive fullscreen mode?

I am developing a game using D3D 11. When I got a pop-up message from a chat client (HipChat), my game's full screen mode is disabled because ...
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