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Why do reward items in Battle Passes have rarity levels?

Many free-to-play video games feature a Trophy Path mechanic, also known as Battle Pass/Premium Pass. It offers an alternate progression path to players beyond the core game in the form of rewards, as ...
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What's the best way to make a game launcher? [closed]

I am a new game dev, and would like to make a launcher for my games. All my games would be in ONE launcher, and it'd be similar to the Minecraft Launcher. I wanna do it for free too. The main reason I ...
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Game free publishing website?

I am making game that will be completely free and I want to publish it. The publishing platform have to be free and it can be done without any contract or specific license. I simply upload my files ...
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How to allow free download of a paid game to specific users

if I am a game developer, how can I allow some selected users to download it for free? The options I am aware of are the following: Use the built-in functionalities of play store and iTunes connect. ...
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Can I use "Creative Comons BY-NC" licences music in my Freemium game?

According to, a CC BY-NC license stands for a creative commons license that prohibits you to use the material in "Commercial Purposes" ...and for the Commercial ...
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What is an expected conversion rate in a free to play game?

I understand that there's a lot of factors at play that decide how much free users will become paid users. What can be expected from different marketing strategies such as selling non-gameplay ...
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Ethical F2P monetisation methods [closed]

I am just starting out in indie game development and one thing that seems clear to me is that in the mobile space at least, unless you are already a famous developer, have a well known brand/franchise ...
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Can I accept unicoins for micro-payments in my game?

I'm developing a free-to-play game on Android and iOS and Facebook. I see that Unicoins can be purchased in many ways, a lot more that I'll ever be able to implement myself (Paypal, Bitcoins, Gold, ...
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Playing Time and value for purchases [closed]

I realize this is a nebulous question with no hard and fast answer. Just curious if there are any rules of thumb regarding playing times for a game/puzzle mobile app. Of course, value cannot be judged ...
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Implementing the "earn resource every N seconds" mechanism common to F2P games

In many free-to-play games, play will be rate limited in some manner by a resource that you naturally earn on a timed interval, but can opt to increase artificially through buy-ins. A current example ...
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cost of Adding Social Feature to your game such Creating guilds/guild chat [closed]

I'm making a f2p game in unity C#. The game currently has no social features. I would like to have players to have their own accounts and also a guild tab. This tab is where they can create a guild ...
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2 answers

Virtual Economy Setup - Virtual currencies advice

I'm trying to figure out how to build my virtual economy. It seems like some games have one currency and some of them have up to 3 and 4 different ones. The game is an action game which is currently ...
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2 answers

Expiring timed actions a good idea?

We have an online game where players sometimes have to wait a while (say 30 minutes) before a process they intiated completes. This encourages them to come back later. An example of this is growing ...
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4 answers

Do Apple and Google ask for a share if custom payment is done in a free app?

I have a multiplatform game (web/iOS/Android) in the making. In the free version the core game is still fully playable but people who choose to pay will get more social features (and no ads, of course)...
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10 votes
2 answers

How can I tactfully ask users to help support my free game?

So, I have a game that has a few dedicated users, but very few actual users. It is a free game on the Android marketplace, supported via ads. I've been toying with the idea of periodically popping up ...
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5 votes
3 answers

What distinguishes a free to play game from one worth paying for?

There's a heck of a lot of free games available out there, some of which are as good as games that you have to pay for. My question is, what makes the difference between a game that people will be ...
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What percentage of game content is normally free on a Free-to-Play game?

If I wanted to launch a free-to-play game with different characters, weapons, items and clothes that can be either unlocked through gameplay or bought with real money, what percentage of items should ...
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Ways to earn money through Flash games

If you like developing flash games just for fun, why not make money through them? There are different ways you can monetize your flash game: In Game Ads: Some common examples: Mochi Ads gamejacket ...
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Methods of player retention and conversion in MMO games?

What are other retention and conversion (free to play to paying to spender) strategies in MMOs? I know some like promotions, social viral, content generation, intentional imbalance, perks and ...
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Is there any way to earn money with an open source game?

I know FreeToPlay games are financed by advertisements and/or selling additional content, but what about an Open Source single player game to which several people have contributed? And how can a fair ...
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