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1 answer

Domain warping with Perlin noise

I'm trying to achieve the effect from with no success. Here is the experiment with canvas. Any ideas?
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3 answers

How can I merge the corners of fractally-generated borders so they look natural?

I'm using a fractal generator to generate borders around a rectangular area. It works great, but my problem is with corners. A naive implementation when the left border overlaps the top border: ...
3 votes
2 answers

How can you use Fractals to perturb an image?

I've been playing around with Procedurally Generated World. I've so far managed to create the Height Map, and a translate map, but now i'm attempting to create Caves, The main idea is to use another ...
3 votes
2 answers

Does anyone know what terrain generation algorithm is used here?

Does anyone know what this terrain generation algorithm is called? I saw it in two places. One was on YouTube, and the other, on Wikimedia.
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1 answer

Spherical fractal noise generator in shader

I have a growing sphere in space, and I thought of having a procedural generated texture over it. Since it is growing, I thought a fractal would be a great choice, because more details would be ...
2 votes
1 answer

2D Terra(ria)in generation - Accidental noise

I'm currently trying to implement terrain generation as described on the following page: But I have issues understanding how to interpret ...
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1 answer

Infinite detail inside Perlin noise procedural mapping

I am very new to game development but I was able to scour the internet to figure out Perlin noise enough to implement a very simple 2D tile infinite procedural world. Here's the question and it's ...
19 votes
3 answers

What is a good algorithm for fractal-based procedural city layout?

Background I run a minecraft server where I'm going to design a starter city of fairly large scale. I have a series of things, like rule signs and mob cages, I would like to put in buildings there. ...
6 votes
1 answer

How do texture lookups for trig functions work?

I have a pixel shader that calculates a mandelbrot fractal. It uses the standard formula: z = z2 + c I'd like to extend it so the power z is raised by varies. To do this i have the following ...