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How to use unconventional texture format

I would like to use a texture that could have more than 4 channels. I have seen a post where they use a single channel R8 texture to store string chars. I'm thinking of using something like that with ...
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Storing 2d map data as PNG

Just a question regarding the storage of 2D map data. There are several topics discussed within gamedev, i.e. Array Storage: How to store 2D tile-map, custom map formats: A way to store potentially ...
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Should I use ASTC

So I read about ASTC and that it should be preferred over S3TC. Where I'm concerned is the current status of hardware support. According to Wikipedia every major GPU manufacturer supports ASTC but ...
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Loading WAV and MP3 files with LWJGL 3?

Whenever I research audio in LWJGL 3, they always use STB which can only load Ogg files. All of my audio files are in either WAV or MP3 format, and it would be annoying to have to convert all of them. ...
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Display Rich Text in a TextMeshProUGUI component

I am rading a text to be displayed in a Text UI from an asset using the standard commands Resources.Load<TextAsset>("nameOfMyTextAsset"); The text is a ....
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Problem with textures using DirectX file format in Irrlicht

I'm using Irrlicht 1.8.1, and Blender 2.71 to create my animations. I've just create a simple cube, added a default material to it, and i've mapped a texture to it using UV unwrap, all that in Blender....
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Most common format & good practice for 3D models for a placeholder in a PC game [closed]

I'm soon starting programming my first 3D game in OpenGL, C++, for PC. It's going to be a top-down space-based game. Early on I want to create basic placeholder 3D models for my objects, and then in ...
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Framebuffer formats with enhanced Alpha precision

I render some lines with alpha values into an FBO. Because I play a lot with alpha, I need the alpha channel to have more detail than RGBA8. For example, RGBA32F works like a charm. As I have only a ...
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Calculate combat result between 2 units [closed]

I need to know the best way to calculate an outcome between 2 types of units. Each unit has 3 factors: Health, AttackPower, Defense There is also a last factor of anti-troop which says that one ...
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