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Can I combine 2 UnrealEngine forks?

I am using Daz Gen 8 characters and clothes in my project. After I read this I decided to use a fork of UE4 which uses Dual Quaternion Skinning. Basically if you use Daz characters under UE4, they ...
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Is Flash (Flash/Flex/AIR) a still maintained technology (either officially / 3rd party) suitable for Web Player (linux) and mobiles? [closed]

Today I use Flash Player 11 since it's the last one released by Adobe, for linux-based OSs. The same applies to Flex/AIR platforms: I use Flex 4.1.4 and AIR 2.6, while Windows and Mac systems have ...
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How can I display Unity games in Flex?

We have tried the following methods to upload sample Unity3D build to a desktop application in Flex: HTML Loader, NavigateToURL, iFrame and resolvePath. But we only see the text content, not the 3D ...
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Adobe Air Mobile AS3 app: challenges and how to overcome them?

I made a PC flash game for LD 26 - minimalism and I am working on porting it to Android. Some questions I'd like to ask: Is it bad to heavily use vector graphics (ie. ...
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Hello World with FlashDevelop, Flixel, AS3: uneffective SWF macro

I just started with FlashDevelop and Flixel, and I already have a question. I created this basic hello world: ...
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working in external actionscript file does not show anything on the screen?

I'm writing this code in Flash builder and I tested the file in flash, but nothing appears in the swf file. (no text in the screen show , i don't know why) Is there any missing property in the code? ...
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Can one develop an application with Bluetooth support on iOS using Flash Builder 4.5?

I have heard about Flash Builder 4.5.1. As I have understood, one can make an application using Flex with Flash Builder 4.5.1 and also export the release build for iOS, Android and Blackberry. Is it ...
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How can I transmit move information from player to player in a web application?

I am trying to create an online chess game using ActionScript and Flex. It works well when I have two players on the same PC, but I want to publish it as a web app. How can I transmit a move or ...
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Game Server Framework / Engine that supports AMF? [closed]

I am looking for a server technology that supports AMF (because I plan on using an as3/flash front end). I would like to develop game logic / simulations that run on the server. Small number of ...
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Developing an Asteroids successor: which languages/tools/frameworks?

Currently I'm planning to run the Asteroids successor on the Java Virtual Machine, while writing the code in Scala (because that's the language I'm fluent in). I have looked at different options, ...
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How to make the button rollover by a keyboardEvent

I'm designing a game calculator . My problem is how to link between the keyboard event and the button. **When I click no.2 button on my Keyboard the button doesn't roolover . I want the exact button ...
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