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Adobe Flash is a cross-platform multimedia runtime used to embed animations, video, and interactive applications into web pages.

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How is Ping-Ponging done in Stage3D & AGAL (Flash Player 11)

Does anyone know how to create a Texture feedback effect in Stage3D / AGAL? I've just found the term "ping-ponging" in some GPU wikipage, hopefully I'm using it in the right place! I'll share with ...
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Fixed timestep with interpolation in AS3

I'm trying to implement Glenn Fiedler's popular fixed timestep system as documented here: In Flash. I'm fairly sure that I've got it set up ...
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Host Migration (P2P) with RTMFP and AS3

I was wondering if this is a possibility with RTMFP since it acts like UDP/P2P.. Host Migration Player A starts and host a game.. Player B and C connects.. Player A quits.. Player B is now assigned ...
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How to create animations for a game like Creative kill chamber?

Lately, I have been playing Creative kill chamber game ( This game is a flash game where gameplay is "hardcoded". I mean, it is a game where player can ...
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How do I create this type of mixed 2D/3D character model?

I'm interested in how this little Lively Hamster Flash game's character is modelled and animated. The head seems 3D. The back always shows a black outline, so I assume it is 2D. Is this a Flash-...
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Big game in Flash - how to create levels structure

I'm building a game in Flash similar to the structure of Angry Birds or Cut the Rope (where there are a number of "rooms" and unique levels created within each "room"). The user gets through the game ...
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How do I make a custom tileset for Flixel that supports autotiling?

I've been Googling this problem for a while now. I'm currently porting one of my Java games to Flixel, and I want to use the original 16x16 tileset I made. In the original game I implemented my own ...
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Accessing a C++-based optimization library in FlashPunk

Some time ago I launched my FlashPunk primer, an adaption of Asteroids, which mainly served as a basis for trying out a simple optimization algorithm. Now I'm planning to take this concept a level ...
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How do I pause and resume a game in ActionScript 2?

I'm making a game where the player must avoid random falling objects. I dont know how to implement pausing. I've been stuck on this for 2 days! I tried using ...
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importing images as pixel-perfect from flash to Unity

I am not sure if this works, it just feels like it should. So I have this character in flash: And what I want to do is import him into Unity, and making him pixel-art. (And yes, for those wondering; ...
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Using Flash IDE to link nodes for Dijkstra algorithm

I'm trying to use plash to set up the node connections, but having a really hard time to use the IDE as a tool to do so. Before giving up completely, and getting into creating a tool that would take ...
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AC3 FlashPunk Console doesn't show anything

I am making my project using flashpunk , I knew that it has a good console gui to give feed about states of the game , however when I tried making it appear with the FP.console.enable() method it ...
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