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Fixed point stores numbers as a multiple of a fixed unit size. An example is how dollars are stored as cents or hundredths of a dollar. There is a fixed number (2 in this case) of fractional digits. This concept can be applied to computing to store numbers where a fixed number of bits represent fractional digits. This tag is appropriate for questions that pertain to the use of fixed point numbers in game development.

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How to achieve no gaps between triangles in software renderer like in Quake?

I've heard alot that I need to use fixed-point math, top-left rule, etc. to eliminate gaps between triangles but the thing is how did Quake not have any gaps, did it? I've seen Quake's math file and ...
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How can I make a reliable time-based object updating system?

So an object has a position, velocity, and is affected by gravity. ...
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Will using a fixed point library in C++ give me 100% deterministic replays?

I'm working on a scrolling arcade shooter in C++ with SDL2 and I'd like to have a replay function so players can save, share, and replay good runs. I understand that floating point math is not ...
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How do fixed-point physics (engines) work?

I would think there should be an abundance of excellent articles answering this question, but my searches have come up completely empty. I am developing an embedded graphics engine on a ...
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Concerning The Minecraft Skybox

I was wondering how does the stars in night time in minecraft work, are they point sprites? And are they placed on a texture or just randomly placed on some far away location. EDIT 1: OK, well, with ...
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Recreating retro/NES style physics with intentional imprecision

Background: I'm having a problem getting the jump curve correct for a retro platformer remake project of mine. The original game is for the NES, and the player's velocity is stored in two separate ...
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