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FirebaseReference.GetValueAsync() in Unity Not Completing

I'm working on a Unity project where I use Firebase to manage user data. I am encountering a recurring issue where the asynchronous task GetValueAsync() does not ...
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How to prevent pre-launch report play store bots from affecting firebase analytics

I am following this publishing flow to send updates to the Android Play Store: I upload a new build to the Internal testing track and after testing that all's well, I'll promote it to Production. The ...
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Xcode gives plenty of Undefined Symbol: Firebase_App error

I Build my Unity project to Xcode, trying to install it on ios device. It gives errors like as follow ...
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Firebase Storage, trying to download bytes, task never finishes nor triggers any errors

Firebase Storage's GetBytesAsync never finishes or changes status. ...
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How to distinguish when user opened a game via FCM Push Notification and read its Custom Data or standard game icon click?

I have successfully implemented a FCM within my game (for a chat system) and now I am trying to understand how can I open a specific chat scene when user clicks on FCM chat notification? I ...
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Firebase messed up Google Play Games Service authentication and saved data

Currently, I'm collaborating on advertising my game with Google's official advertising team. Recently, they requested me to link my game with Firebase to track user events and analysis. So I made a ...
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Firebase OTP credential verify doesn't work with phone number

I have 2 functions, the first function works correctly. The second one, when I put the OTP and want to verify the code from my SMS it doesn't work, it only creates a user in my Firebase database but ...
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Error using Asset Manager for loading files from Android temp directory (libgdx)

I'm creating a game for Android using libgdx and Google Firebase for storage. In my Loading screen I download a file from Google Firebase Storage and store it in a temp file. After the dowload ends ...
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Unity Firebase Analytics is not working

I have been working on a new project in Unity 2021.2.12, where we need to implement Google Analytics. I have done as follows: Imported Firebase Analytics package Added the services.json file to the ...
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How to generate join codes?

I'm hoping to use a four character join code so people can join a game. I was thinking of making random codes, which would be about 1.4 million different possible codes. I like the idea but I don't ...
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How can I get the Launch dynamic link in Unity?

I have integrated firebase dynamic link sdk in my app and it is working perfectly fine, I can generate dynamic links, and when clicked on them if the app is not installed it redirects me to the ...
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Send a Push Notification from a device to another device

I have setup Firebase authentication in my game for Android. I need to implement a feature in my Android game, where a user can challenge another player. I need to implement it this way: The user is ...
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