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Download a video to PersistentDataPath in Unity while also playing it as it downloads?

I am attempting to integrate a video function which will playback short looping videos (similar to YouTube Shorts or TikTok). I therefore want the videos to download to PersistentDataPath and be ...
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Directory.CreateDirectory() created a folder with name that was supposed to be a file

i am experiencing some problem here , i have a path : "/folder/folderagain/file.xml" i tried to use Directory.CreateDirectory() to create all folder (in case one of them is missing) and then reuse ...
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DirectoryNotFoundException for an existing file path on Unity startup

I'm not sure why this error appears in my console when I start up my Unity editor but it is stopping me from running any Unity projects by pressing the play button. I have tried re-installing Unity, ...
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Convert char array to std::string

I have this code: ...
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Serializing and writing a Dictionary of Vector2 keys and custom class values in Unity

I have tried to create code to serialize a Dictionary of <Vector2, Block>, where Block is a custom serializable class, loosely based off of this guide. I need ...
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Reading from a txt file (C++)?

When use ifstream to read from a txt file into 2d array i get some extra chars. Txt file: I get: My code: ...
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TextAsset thinks file is ~6856 bytes when it is 120123 bytes

So I've created a text asset in Unity of a binary file which i'm attempting to read in as a byte array. The result I'm getting is a byte array tht is almost half the size it's supposed to be. The ...
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