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Evolution of in-game entities, environments or rules.

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Creating a "world" for evolution of programs

I am trying to create a "world" where "copies of programs" are allowed to evolve, proliferate and fight for resources. Organisms copy information with errors and memorize the results. It seems like ...
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Using Chromosomes to Go from Input to Output in Genetic Algorithms

Lately I've developed an interest in AI and genetic algorithms. Specifically, AI that learns to do something completely on its own. For example, play a video game. I've seen AIs that start out playing ...
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Building stable ecosystems

I'm interested in creating a world in which the behaviors of some of the elements are generated randomly or evolved. Is there a field of study or some well known work that deals with what it takes to ...
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How to do a genetic algorithm's chromosome which controls movements

First I would like to inform you that I'm french and 15 so my english is not very good. I've read some articles about genetic algorithms (GA) and since I discovered the HTML5's canvas element, I can ...
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Measuring enemy "success" against player

I've been toying with an idea for a game prototype where the player must defend against waves of enemies, but between each wave the enemies "evolve" to better combat whatever tactics the player is ...
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Adaptive Characters: AI Solution Needs a Problem

Have sophisticated adaptive programming, will travel - so to speak. I'm part of a group that developed sophisticated learning / adaptive software for robotics. The system "thinks" via its simulator, ...
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How to balance a non-symmetric "extension" based game?

Most strategy games have fixed units and possible behaviours. However, think of a game like Magic The Gathering : each card is a set of rules. Regularly, new sets of card types are created. I ...
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Enemy evolution in shoot-em-ups

Are there any shoot-em-ups in which the enemies actually evolve as a response to their relative success against the player? By evolve, I mean that each enemy has some genetic information encoding ...
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