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Game Physics Engine : Euler integration : why body under gravity is not covering 9.8 meters/second?

I am working on very basic physics engine and I used euler interation which works like below, ...
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Is this a correct backward Euler implementation?

I want to simulate a mechanic object like this: ...
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EULER Integration

I'm a little confused over using integration to move a sprite. This is how I've always achieved this: ...
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Orbits: Combine the Pros of RK4, Symplectic Euler, and Verlet Velocity Integrator

Recently, I've implemented and compared a number of basic integrators for my physics engine. The 3 that gave me the best results are RK4, Symplectic Euler, and Verlet Velocity, but I think I need ...
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Lunar lander: why is my descent module crashing

I've been reading this awesome simulation of the actual Apollo 17 descent: I've been trying to make my own simulation using Euler integration, with a time ...
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Air Resistance of a Falling Object

I am applying air resistance to a falling sphere using the Euler method. If someone could have a look and tell me if my implementation is correct or offer any tips, it would be highly appreciated. ...
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How to make a Realtime 3D Eulerian Fluid Simulation like "From Dust" in C#/Unity3D?

So, for a game project I'm going to be working on I need to make a fully working 3D fluid simulator in Unity3D using C#, that can work in real time. The only problem is, I've never done anything like ...
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Why is my velocity decaying?

Programming in Java. Tinkering around with physics. My entities all have position and velocity. In the main loop, all I'm doing is applying gravity and bouncing off the edges, like so: ...
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