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Electronic Software Rating Board - an organization which rates games for age-appropriateness in North America.

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Should I get an official content rating, like from the ESRB, or just rate my game myself?

I'm developing a game out of my garage basically with the intention of selling it on my own website and hopefully on Steam, and I've been wondering if I should try to get it rated by an official ...
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What are the ramifications for lying to the ESRB?

The ESRB Ratings Process walkthrough describes the steps to get a physical boxed game rated: Physical (e.g., boxed) games typically sold at retail are rated using a "Long Form" process whereby ESRB ...
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How does ESRB content rating work for new FREE content?

Very similair to my earlier question, however this deals with games that have new free content released later down the line, not paid DLC. Let's say, again like with the last question, you release new ...
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How does ESRB content rating work for games with DLC?

Lets say you have a game rated "Teen" by the ESRB, but later down the line, you release a DLC that would push the game's rating to "Mature". Are the two ratings kept separate for the base game and the ...
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When does a game need an official age-rating?

When is it required for a game to receive a rating by an official or quasi-official rating board like the PEGI or the ESRB? I know that almost every game which is sold in a brick-and-mortar store ...
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How to get an ESRB rating for my game?

What does it take to get an ESRB rating for my game?
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