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How to effectively manage multiple dynamic objects in OpenGL

Im at the point in the development of my game where I want to start rendering multiple objects on the screen and update them independently. There are two concepts I can think of to manage this. Each ...
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Implementations for storing entities in an ECS system

I'm restructuring my model of entities, components and systems, where entities are: ...
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Does a Standard Exist for Game Entity View Frustums

I was just recently adding the ability for my in-game entities to have their own Frustums, with the intentions of making them able to see enemies later down the road of my development cycle. My custom ...
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Ideas for refactoring regarding simple state management in entities and level

I'm actually developing a very simple 3D game, Arkanoid/Breakout style, with very simple mechanics, and it's progressing while I learn the game dev domain own concepts and techniques (My background is ...
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Organizing Setup(), Update() and Draw() function in a game engine

I'm creating my first game engine and I want help with organizing the Setup(), Update() and Draw() functions in the correct way. Here is how my main() function looks like ...
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Assigning IDs to entities and obects for use in scripts and by other objects

I'm currently planning a small, simple scripting system for my game engine that will allow me to easily define scenes (similar to the "cutscenes" found in 2D RPGs). It consists mainly of simple ...
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Creating Entities from Identifiers (C#)

I am writing a game in C#/XNA. Often, it's useful to have a function like this in a game engine: ...
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Crafty - How to get the id of the collision element?

As the topic says, I want to know how to get the ID of an active colliding entity. My Player Entity is called with Crafty.e("Player") Please notice, that I do ...
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How do I create a sound manager? [closed]

I have a basic entity system in place. Now I want to add audio. I want to make a database class that watches over entities, pulls data out of them, and creates audio streams whenever necessary. I'm ...
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MMORPG Entitiy handling on different maps

Is this a good approach for a MMORPG entity handling on different maps? Map Structure and entity existece: A map is basically a parent node in a scene graph. There's one map for each town, room etc. ...
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Will this Entity Code work? [closed]

How do you create 2D entities? Here is something i tried to write up as a base for entities but is this usable and is entites like this?: ...
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What's a good entity hierarchy for a 2D game?

I'm in the process of building a new 2D game out of some code I wrote a while ago. The object hierarchy for entities is like this: Scene (e.g. ...
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