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OpenGL strange depth test behavior

I have a simple OpenGL program that renders terrain with a texture. It exhibits some strange behaviors (see video) that look similar to depth test issues. However, I have already enabled depth test. ...
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How to preserve EGL context when pausing Android ndk app

I am trying to improve openframeworks so that the GL context is preserved when pausing and resuming my game. So that I don't have to reload all textures after each pause. I don't expect you to know ...
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How do I get an Android device's screen size in exact pixels?

On every single android device {emulators} from ldpi to xxhdpi, both DisplayMetrics and native JNI EGL return width:320 and height:526. Even on actual HTC ONE mobile it returns something like 320x526. ...
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How do I bind a display from XCB to EGL with eglGetDisplay [closed]

I have been trying to set up an EGL session with a window that I created using XCB. I am not having much success. I keep getting the error: An EGLDisplay argument does not name a valid EGL display ...
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What is Khronos EGL?

I see that modern OpenGL related code uses EGL, i can't get good resources for this so i ask here: what exactly is EGL ? if a platform supports OpenGL ES 2.0+ or OpenGL 3.0+ i can presume that will ...
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