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Vertex displacement shader graph shows unexpected creases at the beginning and end of a gradient texture

I'm trying to perform a basic vertex displacement by means of a horizontal gradient: I'm using an on-the-fly created plane mesh. Most of this process is clear to me. I'm not understanding where the ...
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How does displacement mapping generalize bump mapping?

This PDF discusses bump mapping, a special case of displacement mapping. A surface is represented as a function \$\overrightarrow{O}\left(u,\,v\right):\:\Bbb R^2\mapsto\Bbb R^3\$. In bump mapping, we ...
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Calculate position given velocity and acceleration at a given timestep

I am following a Pixar course at Khan Academy and I came across a simulation of a double spring with a given timestep. I understand how it works and why it behaves the way it does, but I want to know ...
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OpenGL Parallax Displacement Mapping Not Working

I am attempting to implement parallax displacement mapping into my OpenGL code but it is not working as it should. As I move around, double-lines moves around and if ...
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Vertex Displacement Distortion Correction

I am developing for Mobile VR using GoogleVRSDK and Unity. My target platform is Android. I have a shader which displaces vertices to create a reverse lens distortion. Following is my shader, <...
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2D Distortion shaders for water effect

I'm working on Unity, and I'm trying to improve my water. The water will be seen top down, and I want to apply a shader to it to make it better looking. I understand the concept of distortion shaders ...
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Per-pixel displacement mapping GLSL

Im trying to implement a per-pixel displacement shader in GLSL. I read through several papers and "tutorials" I found and ended up with trying to implement the approach NVIDIA used in their Cascade ...
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Calculating normals after displacement mapping

I'm using C++, DX11 and tessellation. After tessellating a triangle I apply displacement mapping to the new vertices. But they still have the original triangle's normal so the lighting calculation ...
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Tessellation cracks

i'm trying to a mesh tessellate with dx11 with the tessellation factor calculated by the size of the triangle and the distance to the screen. I do the same operation on the 3 edges of the triangle, ...
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What's the difference between displacement mapping and height mapping?

What's the difference between displacement mapping and height mapping and what is the connection to adaptive tessellation?
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Map displacement transformation to texture space?

I am trying to displace geometry in object space without giving the appearance of texture warping. My idea is to displace the UV lookup by a relative amount to the geometry displacement. Any ...
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rendering rolling hills

I want to render very pretty smooth undulating hills. There are objects snuggled between these hills, so I can't really use naive bump-mapping. I am currently rendering using a very detailed mesh ...
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