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Determine if 2D-projected point is visible

I render a model and do have various 3D points around the surface of it. Because it's easier and I'm already using D2D for UI rendering, I implemented it so that these points are rendered as 2D points ...
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SharpDX Y position inverted

I am currently drawing objects and it works perfectly, when i make x bigger the objects go right and when i make x lower they go left perfect, but when i make y bigger the object goes down and when i ...
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How can I get the color of a pixel in a SharpDX Direct2D bitmap or render target?

I am working on a simple drawing game and I need to get a Flood Fill algorithm working for a Paint Bucket tool. I have the game running on WinForms at the moment which is extremely slow, but I have a ...
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In My Direct2D Gui System, Is It Safe To Use A Bitmap Render Target Per Gui Element?

I am trying to implement a relatively simple GUI system for use in a few simple games. In this system, all Gui elements extend BaseControl. BaseControl has an update and draw method, as well as ...
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Creating Direct2D PathGeometry from XAML format

Is it possible to create a Direct2D PathGeometry object from a XAML string (or from any other vector format) or do I have to create such a parser myself?
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How can I obtain a HBITMAP or HICON from a Direct2D bitmap?

Is there any way to obtain a HBITMAP or HICON from a ID2D1Bitmap * using Direct2D? I am ...
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