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Which AI should I use so as to avoid monsters AND chase bonus pills at the same time?

I'm trying to program an AI for a Pac-Man-like game, where I would be the Pac-Man and move according to two simple rules: move towards bonuses avoid monsters and being killed I read that one can ...
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How does HPA*(Hierarchical Pathfinding A*) really work?

I'm currently researching for a summary paper on the different variants of A* search algorithm and how they are used in games and I stumbled across the name HPA*. I've heard that it's much more faster ...
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Correct way of combining A* and funnel

I implemented a pathfinding algorithm like this: There is a mesh of triangles that defines the area the player can walk. An A* algorithm is used for finding a path from the start triangle to the end ...
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Voronoi graph - traversing from vertex to vertex

I'm working on a Unity Project in C# I've built a 3D Voronoi Diagram using the csDelaunay library from PouletFrit and using the X and Y values from a 2D diagram to instead setup some Vector3's with ...
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Strategies for using Dijkstra's Algorithm on "larger" (4096+ node) graphs (tower defense)

I am using Dijkstra's for pathfinding in my 2d game, my game is similiar in style to a tower defense game which has waves of monsters trying to reach a goal. I am currently building the paths while ...
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How to make Djikstra algorithm remember path?

I understand how dijkstra algorithm works but I don't know how I should figure out path. How can I get nodes that are on the shortest path?
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Dijkstra's Algorithm - Infinite loop

While running Dijkstra's Algorithm to assign a direction to every tile and when an object land on the tile, follow the direction to a goal. I encountered an infinite loop (or I think it is). The ...
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Dijkstra's algorithm null hypothesis pathfinding without navmesh

I am having trouble understanding how to implement dijkstra's algorithm for a path finding assignment, here's what the layout looks like: Each node has a List of neighbours which are found using ...
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Pathfinding to find the route to nearest resource in 2D grid

The setting is a game in a 2D gridlike labyrinth/maze. I'm looking at pathfinding algorithms such as A* and Dijkstra. I can't figure out how to have my game characters find the nearest resources. All ...
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