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Dialogue trees are a gameplay mechanic used in many video games. They manage player interaction with NPCs and help gameplay and storytelling be more varied.

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Infinite character loop when trying to play Dialogue

I am trying to make a dialogue system in Unity by following this tutorial: (29) 5 Minute DIALOGUE SYSTEM in UNITY Tutorial - YouTube. There is a slight twist to this and that is that I am triggering ...
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Design patterns for non-modal (in-game) dialogues/cutscenes in a game engine

I want to create a scripted dialogues/sequences between NPCs and/or PC during the game. I have a DSL to configure a PC's dialogue with one NPC, inspired by Inkle and Twine. Now, I need a dialogue ...
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Dialogue trees voiceover

I am planning to get my game dialogue trees voiced. Something like this: However I am not sure how can I hand in the dialogue scripts in any understandable format for both me and the voice actor. The ...
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looking for a system for writing branching dialog

I'm creating an HTML5 RPG and need to write NPC dialog. In my beta, I wrote the dialog in spreadsheets and assigned lines to NPC by ID. Branching required writing a complicated flag system. It was ...
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Is it possible to use a string somehow converted to match name of a bool?

I have a Json file holding data for my LineData type i created. ...
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Structuring game narrative. Handling NPC, Quest, General Dialogue. Is Json/XML the right way to go? Or any other solutions?

Hello guys I'm try to make some games that have more to it than just simple high score scrolling shooters etc. I'm trying to design my own systm of handling narrative. I want to be able to place NPC'...
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Making dialogue different with each playthrough

I'm making a little demo game where roughly half of the NPCs in a little town have a profession, as well as a personality. I'm trying to have the game procedurally create dialogue, so when an NPC is ...
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C# Adventure Game - Simple Dialog System

For school we have to make a small adventure game in C# (Visual Studio 2015) with a custom game engine made by our teacher. Now I want to implement a small dialog system between Liz (The main characer)...
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How to develop and optimize the illusion of meaningful character development between the player and NPCs? [closed]

How to develop and optimize the illusion of meaningful character development between the player and NPCs? It's very hard for a game developer to create unlimited dialogue options for just one NPC for ...
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XML format for dialogs with choices [closed]

I'm trying to figure out a good way to implement dialogs (that is, talks, not UI's). My thoughts so far: I see a dialog as a tree of sentences (or better, a forest), so I think that XML is a good ...
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In HaxeFlixel, how do I avoid hard-coding dialogue?

I'm planning to develop a visual novel in Haxe Flixel and wanted to know if there is a easier way to add dialogue than to hardcode them in every square. I don't know if I can import a txt file with ...
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Why is it bad to hard-code content?

I know most games store dialogue text in files, but I've also seen a few text-based games actually program the content (map, choices, possible player commands, story text) into the game code. I can ...
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Conversation tree and question locking/unlocking

I have been having issues with managing a conversation tree. I am using PAWN as a scripting language (I have no other options, unfortunately) and I use MySQL databases to store user and game data. My ...
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Pitfalls in designing a coop dialog system [closed]

I like the complex, branching structure of games like visual novels and RPGs like Mass Effect. But I also like multiplayer cooperative games. So I thought, "What if there was a multiplayer dialog ...
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RPG: store dialog

I'm creating a single player web RPG. I was originally storing NPC dialog in a JS object. I could cycle through lengthy dialog in an array as I wanted. I can also store objects with K:V pairs. That ...
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How to implement scripted events?

I'm building a game in C++ (using SDL) for a college project, I'm trying to figure out how to script events that happens when a player does something, or some time passes etc. I have a and idea of ...
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How do I implement branching dialogue in javascript?

I'm making a very basic visual novel type of game in JavaScript. I'm a beginner, so I'm just doing this for fun and learning, and due to bad planning I have run into a bit of a problem when you get to ...
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Where can I find complete multilingual in-game dialogue transcripts? [closed]

I'd like to do some linguistic analysis. It doesn't matter if it's a AAA title or not; the requirement is only that it should be the complete transcript from the official game and that it's ...
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How do dialog trees work?

That is, what is connected to what and how to move between lines of speech when a sub-conversation ends? If you have any examples of a basic dialog tree in C#, please post them.
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