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Cross platforms decoding

To advance those coding language and enhance the combination of gameplay device. Here are a file extension with ".d" Any compilers would I find for checking if it's able to run?
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How to decide on game ideas in a team [closed]

Me and 3 other friends want to make an indie title together. We all have ideas for what game we want to make, but we are facing the dilemma of making a decision on which idea we choose to actually ...
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Working together on a game as a project over the internet [closed]

I'm looking for someone who would be willing to work on a project that would potentially become something similar to the game evony/tribal wars, but the project won't be primarily for actually making ...
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How to Divide Responsibilities Between a Two-Man Group?

A partner and I are in the midst of creating a (not so) simple game via C++ and SFML (2D). We have both created some simple games (not together) and would like to start work on a more serious, larger ...
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Where can I meet other independent game developers? [closed]

I live in a large urban area and suspect there are groups of independent game developers that meet to discuss games and just hang out. Are there any clubs or groups or associations or whatever for ...