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Statistical data relating to the population and particular groups within it: "the demographics of console game players".

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Completion rates/retention rates and hours spent on avg for adventure/rpg games

I'm building an adventure/RPG game and would like to understand two main metrics for this genre of game: Completion/retention rates Hours spent playing per day, or week or month, etc If demographic ...
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How common is arachnophobia among gamers?

I am currently designing a spider as a monster for my game. During my research I found that there seems to be a surprisingly large amount of players who suffer from extreme arachnophobia and get panic ...
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demographics of paying mobile gamer

I was googling for this now for a while but didn't find any relevant data. Does someone know any statistics of the demographics of mobile gamers that actually spend money on their games? It's clear ...
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Does the gender of a game's protagonist affect sales?

Most protagonists of games are male. I imagine the conventional wisdom is that this is because We live in a patriarchal society, especially when it comes to game development, and The target ...
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How to determine the demographics of a game after release?

I am interested in demographics of people who actually play my game. Here are few assumptions I made: Players, especially the younger ones, are often not the buyers (or downloaders in case of ...
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Casual gamer age distribution

What is the age histogram of people who play casual mobile games like Cut The Rope, Angry Birds and so on?
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Other than the ESA are there other sources for demographic data?

I'm pretty interested in seeing demographic data as I find them good targeting tools. But other than the ESA reports (free) and NPD numbers (paid) does anyone know any other sources for such data?