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How to install a Steam demo you're developing?

When you own a game, Steam doesn't show you the demo to install it. But when you're developing the demo, you want to install it for testing. Is it possible to get Steam to install my unreleased demo?
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Do i need license for make free demo based on Futurama world?

I want to make demo that shows my skills (for hiring) and chose a theme - Simulate Interactive District of Futurama world. So it will consist 3d models and maybe sounds from Futurama tv series. Also ...
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How should I prepare for pitching a game to potential sponsors?

We have developed a mobile game, and are preparing ourselves for demo day. We will be presenting our game to potential sponsors, and we are having trouble deciding how to make a quality presentation. ...
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Considerations of using online portal for game testing and feedback

I am working on a fairly simple indie game. I wanted to get some live feedback before taking the game all the way to completion. I am able to release a beta version with stripped down graphics, and ...
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Releasing a demo in an unfinished state? [closed]

I'm a fairly unexperienced game developer, (despite having some coding abilities) as i never really had the opportunity to launch more than 1 "finished" game. So in terms of getting the word out, ...
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Demo (and real game) Protection

In a few months I plan to start showing off the (hopefully commercial) game I'm working on to the public (internet). The thing is, besides screenshots and a trailer (of say feature functionality), how ...
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How do I show an interviewer that I have past experience?

While researching some of the development companies I'd like to work for in the future, one thing kept catching my eye; they all wanted previous AAA experience I will have an enormous struggle ...
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Game Programming Junior Demo Design [closed]

Consider the following demo: (It has now almost been converted to C++ and DirecX10, and so the code is ...
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What to focus on in developing a game demo for an interview?

In other threads on this very website, it has been repeatedly stressed that having a game demo to showcase at a job interview is of paramount importance, so I decided to have a go and write my own ...
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Method for creating a next gen MMORPG out of thin air? [closed]

Update August 2012: thank you all for your answers. I started small as suggested, creating first a Facebook Game about it, the next step will be to port it later on PC for a 3D version, and much later ...
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Tools/methods for creating demo videos of iPhone/iPod Touch games? [closed]

I'd like to create a simple demo video of a game for iPhone and iPod Touch. What tools do people use for this? Ideally I can capture the device's screen... as opposed to the simulator. Also the ...
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How to demo Advanced Game AI as a portfolio piece?

Basically every Game company wants to see a portfolio that exhibits your skill set. If you're specializing in AI though, what and how should you show off your skills. Some thoughts Is nice graphics ...