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Character walks too fast when browser's hardware acceleration is turned off

I have posted a project on (here). My character walks with the speed I intended when Chrome's hardware acceleration is turned on but walks much faster when it is turned off. First, my friend ...
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What is deltaTime calculated between?

I watched a recent YouTube video about deltaTime and at around 3:50 the author talks about how it is calculated. He goes on to claim that it is NOT The time elapsed between the frame currently being ...
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Coroutine delay isn't consistent on different framerates

My problem: I am using a coroutine to add a typewriter effect to my texts, but the delay (using yield return new WaitForSeconds();) isn't consistent on different ...
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Frame duration varies by a millisecond every few frames

When I run the program at 60 fps, I get 0.016 seconds per frame most of the time, then 0.017 s once every few frames. A similar thing happens for 30 fps, varying between 0.033 and 0.034 seconds per ...
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Variable Timestepping & Unexpected Jerkiness/Stutter in a Simple Test Case Scenario

I have been bashing my head of an extremely simple case in my C++ game and would like some help. I have been researching about game loops, variable & fixed timestepping, rendering interpolation, ...
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How fps limiting works in pygame (specific example)

I recently wrote a program where I needed to limit the fps. After some searching I found a way via pygame built-in methods pygame.time.Clock() and ...
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How to reconcile collision detection with delta time?

In my simulation, if an object is inside another object, it imparts a force proportional to the distance inside the object (basically a separation force). I am having an issue though where the ...
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Forcing animations to play in real time, ignoring time scale

When the character dies, an animation plays, and then the scene resets. What I want is that nothing moves/animates except the character and the life bar so I use ...
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Why does speed times delta-time give slow movement?

I'm using glfw's glfwGetTime() function to calculate my time between frames i.e deltaT but when I multiply my desired movement ...
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Controlling the delta time in Unity

I record object data (position,rotation) for objects in a scene and store it to a file. At some stage the player can load this file and "play back" the recording to watch themselves. ...
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Where should I handle player movements in a Java Game?

I had an old pure Java 2D top-down game that I'm trying to reformat a bit. Before, I had a bit of a messy game loop that didn't use delta timing for any movements or animations. Now, I'm trying to ...
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DeltaTime is smaller than it should be

I have a gameloop for a simulation I'm making, I noticed that the simulation is going very slow, When i checked the DeltaTime it was very small, I set the target fps to be 1 (deltatime should be 1 in ...
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Delta Time FPS with SDL 2 in C++

I have tried achieving a good delta time and fps counter over the last few days, read and watched a lot about it, but still can't seem to get it to work. Here is an example: ...
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How to apply Time.timeScale only to certain scripts?

I have a need to pause my game and the simplest and most clean way that I know of (other than completely designing my own time system) is by using ...
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I do not understand the code version of time based sprite animation?

I'm Universo and for the longest time had coding issues around the concept of time-based sprite animation basically, do not know how to implement it and any code or explanation simple or complex that ...
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Is Time.deltaTime the last frame time or it is the time difference between frames?

I just came across the unity blog and found that unity 2020.2 trying to fix Time.deltaTime which is good for more smooth movement (correct me if I am wrong). But when I am reading the blog I found ...
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