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What am I doing wrong with this BC7 reading?

I need to import a BCn image without any existing libraries. Thus, I have to write my own reader. This has gone fairly well so far for BCs 1-5 (don't need BC6), but now BC7 is causing a problem. As ...
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DDS Photo | Gimp Auto remap Mipmaps

I'm trying to edit CoD4 guns to add a diff texture, however... no matter what program I use the DDS auto remaps the MIPS so instead of importing normally as texture should for mapping it actually ...
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How to vertically flip a DDS texture on import?

I have a program capable of rendering 3D graphics using Direct3D11 and it is currently compatible with two different texture formats, TGA and DDS. The code to read and load a TGA texture in memory I'm ...
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S3TC / DTXn patents

I just wrote a DTXn loader in my OpenGL engine to support .dds files (i.e. via glCompressedTexImage2D) and generally employ texture compression in GPU. I've also ...
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Check if .dds texture is gamma-corrected

How can I check if .dds texture is gamma-corrected? It seems to be gamma-corrected since after manual gamma correction in fragment shader image is too bright. But I wanted to be sure.
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"_SRGB" suffix for BC texture format doesn't result in sRGB-to-linear correction at sampling

I am working on a 3D engine as a hobby (Direct3D 11). Currently I am trying to implement sRGB -> linear -> sRGB color space conversions via texture formats with "_SRGB" suffix. So, my ...
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How to custom file formats work, encryption, packing etc [duplicate]

So say I take an example from Telltale games, they pack all their file assets into ttarch files, now I guess this is a custom file format that allows many file assets such as dds, jpg, bik, wav, 3ds ...
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texconv produces texture with same size using BC1 or BC4

According to msdn, the BC1 block compression format is for images with 3 color channels and 1 bit alpha channel and the BC4 is for images with 1 color channel and no alpha. Using the same RGBA input ...
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Converting DDS textures to TGA

I have a model which has textures in DDS format, but my game takes textures in TGA format. How can I convert the textures from DDS to TGA?
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How to load a DDS file with mipmaps

I believe there's a D3DX function that can load a DDS file with mipmaps but D3DX is ...
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Flip DDS Texture without original source image for OpenGL

I'm wondering if there's a converter for DDS textures after they've been created. We don't have access to the original source images and we would like to avoid changing our shaders, as I'm told it's ...
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Confused about DXT/DDS compression and color depth

I have done my research on DDS/DXT compression, and the information is kind of "everywhere." It is rather difficult to even find good, organized, sensible information on color depth. However, it is ...
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How to edit specific mipmap images in a DDS?

I am looking for a way to edit individual mipmaps within a DDS file. To my knowledge, the NVidia Plugin only lets you create the largest image and then computes the smaller ones automatically. However,...
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How to flip a BC6/BC7 texture?

I have some code to load DDS image files into OpenGL textures, and I'd like to extend it to support the BC6 and BC7 compressed formats introduced in D3D11. Since DirectX and OpenGL disagree about ...
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Editing dds mip maps?

What free software can do this? There's the Nvidia plugin for photoshop but I don't have photoshop :/.
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Compressing textures and recompressing textures

Which tools are considered best-quality for compressing textures for use in OpenGL? Which can be used from the Linux commandline? And which lossless compressors give good ratio/speed on compressed ...
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