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Software designed to store massive amounts of data in a queryable form. The data is typically organized to model relevant aspects in a way that supports processes requiring this information.

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Would it be better to use XML/JSON/Text or a database to store game content?

I'm considering how to implement a component-based game, as that seems to be the hot thing and I like the idea of such a flexible design. One of the features of such a design is that adding new ...
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How to choose how to store data?

Until recently, I used two methods to store data on my non-game project: XML files, and relational databases. I know that there are other kinds of database as well: the NoSQL kind. However I don't ...
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What kind of databases are usually used in an MMORPG? [closed]

Do people write their own DB for some reason?
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How should I track players' real-time positions in an MMO?

How do you keep track of the positions of the players in a MMORPG? I read that you can use either a database or you can store the coordinates in files. I tried using a database but it was slow. How ...
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Should I use an SQL database to store data in a desktop game? [closed]

Developing a Game Engine I am planning a computer game and its engine. There will be a 3 dimensional world with first person view and it will be single player for now. The programming language is C++ ...
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How can I handle game-state updates in an MMO while the player is logged out?

I have a plan to build MMO strategy game like Goodgame Empire or Travian for Windows Phone. I want to program it in C# Monogame (because I have some good experience with it). But I still can't figure ...
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How can I implement an inventory that stores different types of items?

Let’s assume I want to create an RPG with collectible items my character can pick up and store in his inventory. One item could be a sword, with an attack, defense, and level attributes. Another ...
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How to model multiple "uses" (e.g. weapon) for usable-inventory/object/items (e.g. katana) within a relational database

So I'm working on expanding the uses of items over at, and I'm not exactly sure how to represent them flexibly in the relational database that we use. I may be barking up the wrong ...
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Implementing an online database [closed]

I'd like to get into online games programming. I thought that as a start i'd be a good idea to implement an online database that would store the progress and score for a game i have made, i'll ...
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Database for a diablo 2 like item system?

Diablo 2 has a very sophisticated item system and I want to create something similar. But I am having a hard time getting the architecture right. In Diablo 2 most different kind of gear has different ...
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Should I use a database to store ~10 000 names in a sports game?

I'm working on a single player sports game for a year or so and this doubt came up: how should I treat/store big amounts of data, like player names. Let's take an arbitrary number as example: 10000 ...
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21 votes
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noSQL - Is it a valid option for web based game? [closed]

Out of an opportunity and boredom, a friend and I decided to make a web based game. This is the first 'game' I will be making, since usually I program web apps in django. I've opted to use the same ...
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What techniques enable web based games to update player's resources frequently?

Long ago there was this web-based game called Utopia (and I'm sure it is still around), turns are by per hour. You only get new gold/lumber or what-not every hour. Some newer web based games have ...
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How do I store Items in MySQL?

I'm working to my first game containing items (built a small one before, strategy type but not very complicated). I was thinking something like this for the db design since it will be almost the same ...
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Crafting recipes: storage and quering

Consider the following situation. In a game you can perform crafting: i.e. create new items from existing ones (like in Minecraft). I have following game entities (simplified): item: Atomic part. ...
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Passive skills and items

I'm making a small text browser RPG game using PHP, MySQL and Java Script (and jQuery). All the items are saved in the MySQL database. Every now and then a character have to make a skill roll (Talk, ...
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Storing Type/Game Data Within A Unity 3D Game Using An Offline Flatfile Database

I've read several documents on how to manage game type data: Would it be better to use XML/JSON/Text or a database to store game content? How to choose how to store data? Im developing an offline ...
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Ability/Skill Data and Method Structure (C#, Unity3D)

So I've come to design my game which players will be having a unique set of skill or ability to come with. I can store skill name, mana cost, cooldown, etc in database which each skill have in common, ...
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RPG: store dialog

I'm creating a single player web RPG. I was originally storing NPC dialog in a JS object. I could cycle through lengthy dialog in an array as I wanted. I can also store objects with K:V pairs. That ...
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Creating a database with special items, like in Diablo

I am in the middle of creating a browser game. I need to add 'special items' like in Diablo, but simpler. Item names are fixed (e.g. 'ring of power'), so only their attributes change. In my game ...
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The most correct/efficient way to update millions of entities that change over time in an mmo?

We have a server and a database in the cloud. We have a game where each player can grow a farm on a massive x,y grid. Each hour is a grow cycle. All players can harvest anyone's plants. Player A ...
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Where and how to store players collection in a computer card game?

I am developing a trading card game ( something like Hearthstone but not as complex) and I am faced with the following problem: I don't know what is the optimal way to store players collections and ...
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