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Pre-rendered scenes which temporarily halt gameplay in order to illustrate an event as part of the game's story.

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How to play videos in Gamemaker Studio 2?

I made a little cutscene in Adobe Animate. I was wondering what would be the best way to have it triggered in game-maker studio 2. The Video is .mp4 but I could convert it as I have the .fla file ...
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How to load level 1 when the cutscene ends?

I use timeline for creating an opening cutscene and I want to load the first level after the cutscene ends. So, I decided to use timeline signals. I created a signal emitter at the end of the cutscene ...
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How to make a 'Picture-book Cutscene' in Unity 2D with simple 2D images?

I'm trying to implement a simple cutscene system in my Unity game, preferably one that allows cutscenes to play at the start and end of each of the levels. What I was imagining was pretty similar to ...
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Unity Timeline character transform initial values

I'm trying to make a runtime cutscene in Unity using the Timeline editor. I have a humanoid character with an animation controller, track and a cinemachine track set-up in the playable. The timeline ...
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Custom cutscene system in Unity

I'm trying to make a RPG game (without the typical leveling and such. Just a roleplaying game) based on Wasted Youth Part 1 (which is an old flash game where you take control of a teenage kid sent to ...
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What is "simulated human operator" cutscene camera movement called?

I have some questions related to the non-smooth camera movement in cutscenes of quite a few games which appears to try and simulate the nervousness of a human operator holding it. This is opposed to ...
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Good ways to implement cutscenes in 2d RPG

I want to know of some different ways to implement cutscenes in a 2D RPG game with SDL2 and C++. My current idea is creating different functions in different files for different cutscenes and running ...
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Is there something like a "real-action-to-3D" filter?

I recently watched the cutscenes of Call of Duty WWII and was very impressed with the graphics, especially the facial expressions and the creases in the clothing. This is, of course, pre-rendered ...
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creating a trigger to play multiple animations at once

I need a "button" like trigger. The player would walk within the invisible cube that is the trigger, once the player is in the trigger (and only in the trigger) they would be able to press 'e' on ...
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How to convey that a cutscene is about to end?

I'm currently developing a 3rd person game with dynamic cutscenes (using in-game objects instead of a pre-rendered video). During some playtesting of my game I noticed that some of my playtesters ...
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How to simulate camera turbulence for in-game cinematics [closed]

Are there any good algorithms for generating a convincing turbulence effect that can be applied to an in-game camera. For example, in use cases such as the viewpoint of a plane flying low and fast ...
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How do I add cinematics to a Unity game with C#?

I'm trying to develop a 3D game, and want to know the best way to go about adding cinematic or cut scenes that are triggered by a players proximity to certain objects.
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Should I use one line per .wav or one scene per .wav for character speech?

I'm building a game in XNA and I wanted to know how I would organize the character speech portions of the game. These would include both cutscenes and anything else where characters interact. I ...
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Best way to do "cutscenes" [closed]

I'm curious about the best way to display cutscenes in canvas. When I say cutscene I mean something like a static image fading from one to the other. Would it be best to use a timeout for a certain ...
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Sub-systems in game engines

So here's the problem- I'm writing my own engine library, and it works fine with stuff like menus and the actual game screen. The thing is, I can't really figure out how to integrate something like an ...
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Car licensing if real cars appear in FMV cutscenes? [duplicate]

We are doing 2D game which will feature Full Motion Video for cutscenes in between the levels. Game is car oriented, although its not a racing game but it will feature some of the driving in it, and ...
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What is the best way to display a cut scene?

How do we show cutscene in the game? Currently I am using images and animation upon them to show cutscenes or story. I heard from my friend that showing a video might be one of the option too. Is it a ...
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Creating Cut Scenes For iPad

I am working on an iPad game, and would like to have a few, pre-rendered cut scenes that are shown at key moments throughout the game. How do low-budget software developers create pre-rendered cut ...
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How are game cinematics made?

How is a game cinematic made? I can't find a decent article anywhere to give at least starting point into understanding what it takes to create a cinematic. I don't mean typical scripted game play, ...
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