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Constructive Solid Geometry. The practice of intersecting one volume with another and performing logical AND, NAND, OR, XOR operations to determine a resultant volume. It is used as an umbrella term also for CPG, Constructive Planar Geometry, which describes similar operations in 2D.

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How to prevent sun light from passing through the walls and flickering when navigating in viewport?

I am new to UE5. I am using a geometry brush to create an inner box and an outer box. The inner is set to brush type ‘subtractive’, resulting in a simple room like this: Then I create several windows ...
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Strange edge seams when subtracting a cylinder from other shapes

I'm just starting with UE 5.1 and I'm noticing weird behavior when I use cylinder to subtract from other shapes. I tried adding more sides to make it smoother but these weird artifacts still persist ...
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Unity Cutting a hole in mesh

I've set myself a stupid task, that I didn't solve couple years back, again. I've got few meshes with normals pointing inside. Caves. Like mostly circular rooms and tunnels that should connect them. ...
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Playcanvas with CSG

I want to use library csg.js with Playcanvas game engine to make some curves but don't know how to implement CSG (constructive solid geometry) in Playcanvas
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Hi,Dynamically modifying meshes in Unity3D

I'm working in Unity3D and I want to remove sections from a mesh at runtime similar to the idea of bombs removing sections of walls. In 3D modelling software this is a pretty standard Boolean ...
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Fixing T-Junction artifacts in a BSP Editor

I'm starting a little BSP engine, and have begun implementing Brush CSG. Currently I represent my brushes as the enclosed volume of surface planes (like old idTech 3 maps), with a cache for each face ...
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Clipping drawn mesh by arbitrary volume

I'm trying to create a visual effect where an arbitrary part of the main scene is either clipped out by or cropped to an arbitrary volume. That is to say, I might want to draw just the area of the ...
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good and free 3D modeling programs for implement into Unity [closed]

I'll make some objects that are not easy to make in Unity, but on my previous question Making holes in 3D objects (Unity) was there an answer that said that I can make it whit an other 3D modeling ...
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Section cut through (solid) geometry

I'm looking for image based (screen space) technique to render section cuts through arbitrary (solid) geometry. I found and studied image based CSG (Kirsch 05 / OpenCSG) but I found it to be perhaps a ...
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What are the time-efficiency characteristics of these voxel data structures?

Real-time, high-resolution voxel raycasters tend to use one of the following optimising data structures in order to achieve interactive frame rates. What are the pros and cons to these, and what other ...
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How are voxel terrain engines made?

A few days ago I found something called voxel terrains and I think that they're pretty cool. But I don't know anything generating them. Do you model it in your modeling software or use something like ...
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Implementing 2D CSG (for collision shapes)?

Are there any simple (or well documented) algorithms for basic CSG operations on 2D polygons? I'm looking for a way to 'add' a number of overlapping 2D collision shapes. These may be convex or ...
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