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Convex hull doesn't properly cover points

Recently I've been trying to create a sphere in my project. I start by creating a Fibonacci sphere through this code and draw with glDrawArrays ...
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What is the minimum number of points in a convex hull in most engines?

A convex hull shape in a 3D game engine defined by vertices needs at least 4 points in order to have volume, since that would make it a tetrahedron. However, some game engines may support fewer points,...
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Creating outline from a collection of points following the concavity

I am trying to create an outline from a collection of points. I found this solution for Convex Hull. I specifically picked this implementation:
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How to find the smallest distance between two 4-sided objects in 3D space?

I was wondering if there is a way to calculate the smallest distance between two 4-sided objects in space. In this specific scenario, the only information I know about both of them are the 4 points ...
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Having trouble with btGeometryUtil::isPointInsidePlanes

I'm in the process of parsing a BSP file to create btConvexHullShape objects for each brush. I've seen a few examples of how to do this on Github and they all use the getVerticesFromPlaneEquations ...
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Looking for collision detection algorithms for broad and narrow phases between non-convex polyhedrons

I have some experiences on particle system simulation (namely DEM - Discrete element method), in which an individual particle with realistic shape (convex and non-convex) is approximated by gluing 3D ...
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Point vs Convex Hull

I'm trying to implement a simple collision response to a point intersecting a convex hull. So far I can detect if the point is inside the hull. But now I want a collision response that translates ...
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SAT test for Triangle - convex hull

I'm having real trouble resolving this issue with triangle-convex hull SAT test intersection. The problem is as follows: Misses are detected accurately enough: Clear miss I have not found a ...
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