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Is OpenGL 2.0 possible in unity?

I want to develop a game in unity, just a small scale simple game without heavy computation nor complicated feature, and does not use a lot of ram either (2-3 GB). I want player with "outdated ...
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Can we place a middleman on whatever functions are returned by WGL, EGL, or CGL?

I find myself wondering whether our PC games from the 2000s will continue to operate without a VM. To the present, GPU manufacturers have generously kept pre-3.2 OpenGL in their drivers. I'm amazed ...
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Do I need multiple exports from Game Maker to support Windows versions above 7?

I just created a game. At the time of exporting it, I targeted windows. I use windows 7 on my computer. Obviously the game is compatible with windows 7, but I do not know if it is also compatible ...
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How to know if mouse coordinates is delta or absolute on Window and Android in Unity?

I wrote sample application, that allows to "rotate" object by mouse. Rotation occured by rotating of camera object around central object and the code is following: ...
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What compatibility checks should i do while creating Direct3D device, swap chain etc

I've done DirectX apps for 1.5 years now, mainly to teach myself but now i would like to make games for public. So i was wondering would it work for others just leaving the values default ie. swap ...
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How to organize a fallback system for older GPUs in OpenGL?

I don't want to make this question too broad or opinion based, but I really need some help about good practices. The scenario: I created a particle engine with functions which require at least ...
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What can I do to ensure that everyone can run my OpenGL game?

I am currently learning OpenGL from here. That website teaches OpenGl 3.3 with GLSL 3.3 and says that it is best to learn those because they are well supported and that older versions work in a less ...
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Working around the current sad state of mobile GPU drivers

I'm working on a OpenGL ES3 app for Android: for various reasons, I decided to roll my own mini-OpenGL rendering engine. So far so good. Problem is, the GPU drivers in the mobile industry are such ...
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How can I maintain saved game backward compatibility?

I have a complex sim game I want to add save game functionality to. I'll be updating it with new features continually after release. How can I make sure my updates don't break existing save games? ...
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Can GMod/SFM models be converted to Unity GameObjects?

Someone made a suite of GMod/SFM models available for free for people making games and videos in GMod and SFM. These are of type .dmx, ...
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Can "dumbphones" play JavaScript games?

Are JavaScript games exclusive to modern smartphones, or are older phone models also able to play games written in JavaScript?
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App Programming Question: Converting Code and Project Folders for the Smartphone's OS Compatibility [duplicate]

I was thinking about how does the Angry Bird game for the iOS successfully converted into an Android compatible version. Does it involve using Phonegap or something? When making games for iOS, the ...
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Resurrecting XNA 3.0 projects

I have some old XNA 3.0 projects that used stuff that has totally been changed in XNA 4.0. Really I just want to revisit some of my old code, dust it off and refactor it. Can XNA 3.0 and XNA 4.0 be ...
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How to decide to use OpenGL ES 1.0 or 2.0 for Android? [closed]

I started learning some Android development and one of the first things I thought I could make is a simple game. However, I'm faced with one difficult question right off the bat. Should I use OpenGL ...
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What backwards compatibility to specify for an app for iOS and Android?

I'm having an app built, I'm not a programmer and I dont know exactly what to specify. I want it to work on iPhones and iPads and iPod touches and also on Android devices - tablets as well as ...
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What are the GPU requirements for XNA 4.0?

I tried to build a sample application using XNA, but I got an error saying that Pixel Shader 1.1 was required, so I got a used Radeon X300 GPU that supports Pixel Shader. I tried to build it again, ...
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How to get the maximum installed version of DirectX?

Okay, So I would like my engine to detect weather or not it can use DirectX 10, if it can't it defaults to DirectX 9.0c but, the function DirectXSetupGetVersion() will only return Versions 5 through 9....
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How can I test different TV display types for my XBLIG game?

The XBLIG submission check-list asks to ensure all gameplay-critical graphics be visible in the 'TitleSafeArea'. I've received a bug report during play-testing that says parts of my scrolling 2D map ...
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How can I test shaders for nVidia on an ATi system?

I and our other devs have ATi graphics cards. However we have encountered that some shaders that compile without warnings on ATi don't compile at all on nVidia. The problems are trivial to fix, but ...
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Running Unreal 3D Engine (2003) on Windows 7

General question. My company developed a custom software for simulating combat scenarios using the Unreal 3D Engine (2003). It currently runs on XP-based Dell system. Sometime in the Fall Dell is ...
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Tips for developing 3D games on newer engines targeting old hardware [closed]

I see a lot of examples and tutorials for 3D engines like Unity3D, UDK, Source etc. They all seem to be under the assumption that you are making a game for current(ish) hardware. I would like some ...