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Monitoring and storing chat logs in a 3D space

There are a lot of 3D games on the market with text chat functionality holding literally thousands of conversations happening at the same time. Being in a 3D space is there a defacto method of ...
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Younger audiences and chat

Most multiplayer games have some sort of way to communicate. It is usually verbal, written, or emotive gestures. If I were to allow young children, from 11 to 13, access to a game I'm creating where ...
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How do you handle loss aversion in probability-based games?

The psychological phenomenon of loss aversion refers to how players feel losses twice as powerfully as victories. For example, Bite Fight's PvP is a simulation based on probabilities related on ...
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How can you effectively filter your community feedback?

I am not asking for myself, I am asking for someone else who will likely not read this question because he is too busy reading his email, but I am sure that this question will be of a lot of value to ...
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Where can I find a service hosting tournaments with prize funds? [closed]

I have a game, and users are self-organizing to create tournament sites. They want to be able to create a tournament, have competitors put down a $1 each, and the winner takes all. Are there any ...
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What are the key ingredients for a good game-specific community website? [closed]

Feel free to use an example. I am thinking things like guides, tools that help a player make certain in-game choices, discussion boards, services that enhance player interaction, mods, blog/news, etc. ...
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List of 3 letter English words to disallow from entry for public kids game [closed]

I saw this post about a profanity filter for an mmo chat. In my case I've got a game played in public, mostly by kids. The only text they can enter is their initials A-Z, 2 or 3 letters. With only ...
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How to nerf something without the player community hating you? [closed]

No matter how well you conceptualize an online game, there will always be certain gameplay elements which will turn out to be vastly overpowered and dominate the gameplay. The obvious solution in ...
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How does a game developer get feedback from gamers (not developers) or start a forum community without paying for advertising or hiring Q&A teams?

I am familiar with a lot of game developer forums, but I'd assume this is much less likely to attract more casual commentators. I also fear that feedback from a gamer's perspective would often be ...
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Why should I forbid real-money trading in my MMO?

I am soon going to go public with an MMO game, and I am currently in the progress of writing the terms of use I expect players to follow (no swearing, no spamming, no cheating... you get the point). ...
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How to deal with player inquiries (good, bad, and everything in between)?

I understand someone previously posted about dealing with bad suggestions from players. But I'd like to ask about dealing with inquiries in general. When a game becomes popular, it's inevitable for ...
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How do "community patches" for commercial games work?

For a lot of games, mostly role-playing games (Gothic 3, Oblivion, Skyrim, Titan Quest to name a few), there exist community patches. So, patches that are made by the communities, not by the ...
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How to deal with (bad?) player suggestions

Every game which builds a community while still being in active development will soon be confronted with players who post suggestions for new features on its forum. Most of these suggestions, however: ...
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Is there a centralized achievement system for browserbased onlinegames

I plan to implement missions with achievements (or rewards/badges) in my online space browser game spacetrace. I want somehow connect that to an existing online achievement platform for browser-based ...
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What kind of questions should I ask players in a survey after the game? [closed]

I'm finishing a HTML5 browser game, and I'd like to have some player feedback. I was planning to make players take a short survey at the end of the game. Is this the best approach? How long should it ...
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How to deal with crackers who are also trolls?

Assuming the following: the game will be cracked at some pont no matter what players are pushing to the limits trolls exist What happens when these 3 combines? Regulating a troll can be handled if ...
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Game sites that provide good community support for that game [closed]

What are examples of games sites that provide good community support for that game? That is, sites for a specific game that provide ways for players of that game for to ask questions, exchange ...
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Implementing match-making & community system for multiplayer games [closed]

These days, games often have multiplayer portals with chat channels & match making system for the multiplayer aspects of the game. An example would be, magic the gathering online's ...
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What can I do to increase the female:male ratio of gamers in an online, casual gaming, community? [closed]

Can I make a significant difference by changing the types of games that are available? Are there any generic features that I can add to games, which will help make them more attractive to casual ...
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Places to Test Player Interest In Storyline

I am working on an iPad game, and have a few different intro story lines. I would like to get gamer feedback on the intros. What websites or techniques have others used to get such feedback?
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How does one measure and reward social aspects in virtual worlds?

Well this sounds like a pretty vague question but please bear with me. I know of how Gaiaonline gave gold to people who participated in forum posts. I'm curious if in theory these could be applied ...
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