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Questions tagged [cloud-computing]

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How do I debug Azure Spatial Anchors with Unity on an Android device?

I've been building an AR app that's already been a pain to debug, because instant preview refuses to work over wifi and usb debugging causes the phone camera to not display on the phone itself. Now I'...
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How can I deploy and unreal engine windows exe build to the cloud?

I don’t have a coding background, so I am struggling with this. Someone will have to dumb down a lot of the language for me. I’m trying to deploy my unreal engine game to a cloud computing service ...
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1 answer

Can Cloud Functions be used for a multiplayer game server?

I'm building a turn-based online multiplayer game with Unity for both desktop and mobile. Traditionally, I would build a Java socket server, host it in Google Compute Engine or similar, and have ...
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How come serverless functions are so much more expensive than a VPS hosting my PHP API?

I'm working on an online turn-based game. I will have a server, but it will be used strictly for storing match data and relaying it to the match's participants (or spectators). For simplicity, no game ...
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Should I consider a cloud-based networking solution?

In my spare time for the past few years, I have been working on both the front-end and back-end for a space-based online game. This game is initially designed for the PC, and is hopefully able to host ...
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Unity WebPlayer : WWW GET Requests fail in webplayer only, not in editor

My question is about my game requesting data from my server-side cloud-based storage (I have the option of free public Dropbox or Amazon S3) via GET and the WWW class, and it not working only in the ...
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1 answer

When will the computational powers be strong enough to let play big games like Battlefield, COD from cloud? [closed]

Is there any current service similar to Steam but without having to download any games? In other words, buy digital rights to play and play from the cloud? How much bandwidth would be necessary to ...
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2 answers

Offloading processing to a remote server in a game engine?

What kinds of processes can you offload to a remote server in a game engine? I'm thinking of making a real time multiplayer RTS, like Starcraft for example. I was trying to offload as many processes ...
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Cloud Computing Middleware to Control for Add/Kill VMs + Sessions

I'm working with some people who have a prototype game in Unity and may need to scale it up to address a larger user base. The potential application has the following characteristics: Sessions are ...
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How to develop multi-player game without involving server side code? [closed]

There have been lot of cloud based frameworks released in past few years. They provide real-time communication among users but does not allow developers to write server side code. So, how can we use ...
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2 answers

How does streaming of games work? [closed]

In the last few years, lots of companies (such as OnLive or Gaikai) have begun providing games "from the cloud" as an online stream, which doesn't require the full game to ever be downloaded. How ...
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