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How to tear a hole in cloth sail rendered as a plane mesh animated with a shader?

I have a procedurally animated sailcloth. It's just a square flat plane mesh with 144 vertices. I use a shader to manipulate the vertices and make it "fill" with the wind. All of that works ...
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How to simulate multiple sizes of clothing on a character?

I'm new to Unreal Engine. I've searched a lot about creating clothes for characters, but haven't succeeded in finding a working solution for this request. I'm trying to create a virtual try-on ...
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Automatically create capsule colliders from bones?

I have tried to automatically generate capsule colliders from bones by temporarily creating a mesh collider and using raycast to find the distance to it from the bone, but when I create the capsule ...
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How can I reset the cloth to its original (start) position?

I got a cube that is a cloth and it doesn't have any forces applied to it. It has a ball inside and I can move the ball inside to collide with the cube cloth and make a nice animation. Sometimes, if I ...
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UE4 - Cloth collision

How is collision working in UE4 Free Asset Paragon-Kallari? It seems like the body of the character and the cape is somehow colliding but I wasnt able to find any physics asset or any setting. Could ...
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Clothing and physics asset collisions not working

I"m making a character in Blender where there's a character mesh and a simple skirt. The skirt has a different material slot, which allows me to use the Unreal Clothing tool. I created the ...
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Can’t find component Unity

so, I want to add a Cloth component. I click on a gameobjects, press “Add Component” in the Inspector search “Cloth” And nothing comes up. From my searches in google, nobody had such a problem ever, ...
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Verlet chain with two fixed points is not converging properly

I am trying to create a simple chain between two fixed endpoints. The problem is that I can't seem to get the chain to reach a stable state. Further, the chain is always biased toward one of the ...
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Why do I get incorrect bounding boxes when I add a cloth component in Unity 2017.3?

I have a character with a cloth. The cloth is separated into its own mesh, but both the cloth and the character are in the same FBX import. The cloth is correctly skinned to the char so it moves with ...
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How to handle clothing poke through for customizable characters? [duplicate]

I am in the process of developing a character customization system and I want to setup the base character model (the body) so that it works with which ever process I end up using. There are 2 aims ...
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Skeletal Mesh Cloth Simulation bug (UDK), unexpected behaviour

When I try to move to the left (A) the pawn and the cloth move to the left, and when I move to the right (D) the pawn and the cloth move to the right too... Why the cloth always goes in same ...
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How to save the Mesh from an Interactive Cloth at runtime in Unity?

At the start of a scene I have GameObject called 'sheet' positioned above a 'ball' GameObject. The sheet has an Interactive Cloth component on it and a Cloth Renderer. The Mesh for the Interactive ...
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Unity 5 - Cloth Constraints

I'm trying out the new Version of Unity 3D ( and figure out whats new, whats possible now. My experience with Unity 4 free is also just a little. Anyway I work with the "new" cloth component ...
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How do I detect collisions between a particle-based net and a ball?

I've implemented a net using Verlet integration and many points connected with constrains; like this demo, but in 3D. I want to implement collision detection between this net and a ball (like in a ...
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Unity3d. Overlay of clothes on a human model

I have: Clothes model (jackets, shirts, sweater etc. with various sizes,colors) Human model with dynamic height, width, position Need overlay the clothes' model onto a human model. Variant with a ...
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