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Authoritative server controlling objects in multiple scenes in Unity3D

I am working on a multiplayer project that involves loading into different scenes and playing some kind of mini-game with any other players that happen to be in the scene at that time. These mini-...
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How do I get a client side health bar to update? Netcode for gameobjects

I am working on a multiplayer prototype and am trying to get health bars working. It's working on server side and health is working and subtracting from client side with a network variable, however I ...
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How should I implement lag compensation in my racing game?

I've looked around and I see a lot of discussion about lag compensation for FPS's, but none for racing games. I know Mario Kart uses some sort of interpolation for other racers, but it doesn't ...
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Client/Server player views

Trying to decide the best course of action to implement the in view and out of view of players in a server/client 2D game. Below is some highlights of the system: Map sliced into squares. Each square ...
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Client side not getting called on Network object. Netcode for gameobjects

I am trying to get a menu system going for my game. At the moment most of it works. I have been working with the relay system where it gives you a code you input and connect to a hosted server. The ...
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Servers do not remove spawned prefab after disconnection

I built a multiplayer game with the Unity UNET. For doing this I bought a VPS server. Everything works fine. But sometimes when players want to quit the game, the servers do not destroy him from the ...
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server coordinate to client coordinate

I've a really quick and maybe dump question and I don't really know how it is handled generaly. I want to make a tile base multiplayer game. Player doesn't teleport from a tile to another but just ...
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