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Reward System For HTML Game

i am new to coding and have started a little clicker game and right now im working on a reward system for when the players click amout reaches a certain value. i have figured out how to make one ...
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How can I make responsive computer and touch click and drag?

This code works but it has a little delay on computer controls and higher delay on mobile touch screen controls, so its not responsive as I want it to be. ...
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Using a JS Query to work as an HTML Anticheat?

So, I have a project, its a "cookie clicker" by definition, and I wish to work out how I can protect the game from users being able to edit ...
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What are some ways to keep the player engaged in an endless game?

An endless game consists of the same gameplay mechanics repeated over and over. You have to keep doing mostly the same things as long as you can. So it is quite easy to make players bored of your ...
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Double Click Unity

Have a class, which I am calling from PointerClick(in EventTrigger). Need to recall PointerClick after the first PointerClick((0.2f) seconds later).
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Art style for a character that has frequent visual changes during gameplay

I'm creating a game with a bodybuilding/fitness theme. The camera will almost always be focused on an inclined front view of a character who will be evolving very frequently during the game as the ...
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Clicker economy and bonus system

How is an economy system implemented in clicker games? Obviously, you can't store values like 1 Quintilian in long type. I understand that there might be some string operations or even better, some ...
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