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Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google that uses the WebKit layout engine...

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Skybox doesn't get displayed on mobile Chrome in Unity WebGl

In my webgl build skybox is completely purple on mobile Chrome browser but works fine on PC and mobile firefox. Is there any fix for this? Edit: This is my skybox material and I didn't do anything ...
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How can I implement UI in Unity using Chromium?

I'm looking for an alternative to UI Builder. Ideally I'd like to have basically a Chromium instance atop Unity3D which would have its JS calls somehow land in the C# (maybe in the "Update" ...
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Accuracy timer for html5 gaming (even with inactive tab) how?

I've implemented Timer class for high accuracy timing (for example for update logic/game-loop, sending ping each 15 seconds by WebRTC etc.) setTimeout/setInterval ...
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Identify controller/buttons using javascript Gamepad API

Using the Gamepad API, or possibly some third party device mapping, is there a way I can associate buttons (gamepad api gives buttons by a numeric key value) to their controller counterparts? For ...
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Unity WebGL not loading on chrome

I've made a simple game but when I tried to load this on chrome its not loading. I am building for WebGL (HTML 5). I am getting these errors when the page loads. Unity version - 5.3.1f1 Chrome ...
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How will Unity games work on Chrome now that NPAPI is disabled?

As expected, this September Google disabled NPAPI in Chrome, which Unity Web Player relies on. As far as I know, Chrome now has its own API plugin API. Will the Web Player returning to Chrome without ...
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How can I make a flapper game that scales to multiple aspect ratios?

So I've never made a game before besides a basic 4:3 aspect ratio flapper, so bare with me. Recently I had this wild idea that I wanted to make this complected (for a 2d) game in cca. Unfortunately I'...
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Playing part of a sfx audio file in HTML5 using WebAudio

I have compiled all of my sound effects into one sequenced .ogg file. I have the start and stop times for each sound effect. How do I play the individual effects? That is, how do I play part of an ...
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Optimize DOM game performance

I am working on a game developed on DOM using Crafty JS framework, and Greensock GSAP JS ( for animations. It is my first time working with these technologies. I ...
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Is it possible to create native application for Google Chrome Store?

I'm developing small game using c++ and OpenGL. I would like to post it also in Chrome Web Store. I've seen that a lot of apps are just redirection to specific url. I can use Java Applet and JNI to ...
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Draws fine in full OpenGL; not drawing anything in Chrome NaCL

I'm appealing to people's psychic debugging skills: I have an OpenGL app that uses shaders and attributes in uploaded VBOs exclusively. It runs fine on the desktop (Linux with integrated Intel card). ...
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