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Animating 3D characters in 2D platformer where the characters don't look good from directly side-on? (Eg. Kirby from Nintendo)

I am working on a 2D platformer with 3D characters where the design/intention is somewhat similar to Kirby: Specifically, Kirby does not look good exactly ...
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Character creator and clothing, how to make the assets?

By going inside some game files of big games, it seems a lot of armors, when equiped on the characters will straight out delete their body beneat. for example, if you wear an helmet, underneat it, all ...
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Would making a satirical version of someone else's character get me sued? [closed]

Licensing the rights to a popular character is definitely a hard process. Rather than licensing the rights to (insert hero here), what if I were to make a satirical version of the IP owner's character(...
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Do developers watch player match recordings for their online games?

When developers plan and decide on new buffs and nerfs, do they gather information from online game matches, recorded secretly from their servers' data feeds and reconstructed / analyzed offline - for ...
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Coding Relationships in Games [closed]

I'm interested in researching coding techniques for coding relationships in games. I'm trying to look for resources, but haven't really come across anything yet. More specifically, in games where ...
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Issues with Flashlight Handle position with player rotation

I want the flashlight to look same while looking up and down as when looking straight. Normal Position for Hand and flashlight: Looking up and down, position is completely off: More images for ...
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Game Mechanics for character development in an RPG

I recently asked a question here on a different stack about how to write strong characters given the limitations of the RPG genre. After all, even in an RPG, which is somewhat story friendly, many ...
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What issue in the shot in unity 3D?

when the start game in the client [localserver], the bullet can't forward in the space just fixed in the Gun, here image about what I say: "image" network manager ...
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Will the inclusion of LGBT characters in my game detract from possible sales? [closed]

As we all know, the inclusion of LGBT characters has been a mighty controversial topic in recent film and literature (Beauty and the Beast probably being the premier example). Some love it with every ...
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Creating character for lumbaryard

What I need to do if I want to create character for cryengine/lumbaryard?
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Efficient way of training a chabot AI

I am currently working on a chatbot game using Python 2.7.10. I use the Chatterbot library. This library seems to do all I need but the training data (or corpora) are very very limited. I haven't ...
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How to load new scenes or models from network in unity or unreal engine?

I have a project to be done. I had done some research to accomplish some features. Event so, I couldn't find some answers. The project needs to have some features as follow; Charachter creation in ...
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How can I evoke a sense of dislike/hate for a character through game mechanics?

In my game there is a villain who I would like the player really despise from the moment the character is first encountered. I want the player to hate the character so much that it affects (and drives)...
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