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Cel-shading is a rendering technique that attempts to reproduce the flatter look of cartoons or comic books. It is thus also known as "toon shading."

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How to add a toon / cel shader to a URP 3D project?

I'm new to Unity and I've been frustrated for the last 5 days. I'm trying to apply a toon / cel shader to my object which I've imported from Blender. It already has a default material called ...
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How to make a cell shader like BOTW in Unity?

It seems most cell shader tutorials focus on individual shaders for materials, but the effect used in BOTW seems to be more like a filter, that is applied to everything. I've researched multiple ...
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My lighting stays the same when I go indoors?

My problem can be seen here notice how the shadows don't change intensity or color when moving indoors to the cave. The only thing that changes is the highlights when I move under the directional ...
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Help with Unity global illumination removes cel shaded effect

So I am using this toon shader I got from the asset store that supports global illumination. However it seems like the global illumination destroys the cell shaded effect, and when in shadow it looks ...
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Help with unity cel shader not work when turning away from the main light?

So i'm using this really good toon shader I found, that works with multiple directional and point lights. Only problem is, it acts weirdly when turning away from the main light seen here, ( sorry for ...
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How can I create a cel-shaded, comic book appearance in Unity?

I am working in Unity, I have imported the post-processing stack and I own a license to Amplify. But I'm having trouble making my models appear cel-shaded enough to make them appear as if they are ...
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How do I create a cel-shaded cartoon look?

I am interested in everything related to this kind of effect (modeling, game engine, animation). What sort of stuff is needed? Here are some sample images of what I mean:
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Can an existing game be optimised by converting it to use cel-shading?

I assume it's possible to cel-shade existing games through API interception. If done properly, could this be used as a rendering optimization technique? This means rather than doing the cel-shading ...