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How would you write a multithreaded gameloop in C++20 (+) or C++/WinRT?

What are the pros/cons of using either C++20 std:async or C++/WinRT's asynchronous thread and messaging support? What would the code look like when implementing multithreaded game-loops that ...
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C++/cli game wrapper error

I am developing a game with OpenGL and C++. Right now I am in the middle of creating a c++/cli wrapper to get game data to .Net and create A a game lobby using WPF. In theory all should work without a ...
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Windows Forms game loop

There is a very good game loop in the link which is tailored for windows forms. I need it in c++/cli so I converted the code as below. Here is my main loop. ...
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How do I render my DirectX C++ engine to a C# Panel?

The title pretty much sums it up. I'd like to know how I can get the HWND of my C# Panel object to my DirectX engine so I can render to it. I know it involves ...
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Monitor external window events with SDL2

I'm trying to render my game (SDL2, C++) in a Windows Form application (C#) using C++/CLI to interface with my underlying C++ code. The purpose of the form is to create an editor which can monitor/...
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Present fails randomly on mixed C++ Direct3D9 app

I have a mixed .NET application (managed and unmanaged code bridged by C++/CLI wrappers) which uses unmanaged Direct3D9 9.0c to do rendering inside a control which is wrapped inside a C++/CLI class ...
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Access violation in DirectX OMSetRenderTargets [closed]

I receive the following error when running the Triangle sample application for DirectX 11 in D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_9_1: Unhandled exception at 0x527DAE81 (...
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