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What is the cost of distributing through Google Stadia?

Stadia's business aspects are really scarce to find. What will the revenue models look like? Traditional video game model (royalties) or app store model (%)?
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How can one create "network effects" in a game as it scales?

Is it possible to create network effects in a game? How? Usually a product with network effects present gets more valuable to a user as more people have the same product. Examples can be Skype or ...
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Is it legal to sell or monetize games created with the Unity 3D free edition?

Is it okay to use Unity 3D programming and gaming software to create mobile game apps for Android and iOS? I am using a free version of Unity 3D and planning it to sell my current game app I've ...
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How do you assign a value of different roles in a game design project?

A friend and I are building a game together and having a great time with it, and we hope to sell the product at some point. The prospects for actual earnings maybe be practically nil (and we aren't ...
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What is the Stencyl and StencylWorks business model?

Not sure how many of you have heard of Stencyl as a low-barrier-to-entry game development platform, but for those of you that have worked with it - what is their business model? Nothing is free (...
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Different revenue models between developers and publishers?

I am working at a small game studio developing games for iOS and Android. We do the full journey here, from idea to finished product and we have funding to do so. However, with the smartphone market ...
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Could this MMORPG project-model work? [closed]

This is an extension of my previous question. Recently I had an idea of making an, as I could describe it, agile open-source player-financial-profitable MMORPG, which has an interesting (from my POV) ...
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What revenue models exist for online games? [closed]

What revenue models exist for online games?
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6 answers

Why the shareware (not demo) model died?

In the early days of the industry, instead of fighting piracy, companies let the users share their games freely, and put some nag screen or something like that on the game. Then they would sell DLC ...
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