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Questions tagged [browser-based-games]

A game that runs in an internet browser, either using core browser features (HTML5, CSS and JavaScript) or plugins including Flash, Java, Silverlight or the Unity Web player. Add the relevant tags for the plugin or language you're using.

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0 answers

Game runs at different speeds in Chrome versus Firefox

I am using Box2D for physics on the server side. Player position is updated on the server, so there is nothing the client can do except give input. But running game in Chrome only, the player moves ...
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Why would running WebGL app in Edge improve performance in Firefox?

I have a WebGL app (built using Unity 2019) which I'm testing locally in Firefox and Edge. If the app is only running in a tab in Firefox, it runs at 25 - 50 fps and has noticeable stutter. If I run ...
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Detecting keys presses between keyboard layouts, operating systems and javascript

I've recently encountered a few headaches when I tried to detect key presses for a custom game engine to supports Windows, MacOS, Linux, and WebGL. Naive approach: At first I naively thought that ...
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How to create communication with node.js server to client browser about monsters(object)

First hello and sorry for my English, and now about my problem. I create node.js server that communicates with the browser-client for player position, life, def, ...
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1 vote
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how do i make an object in gamemaker only overlap on one side?

I am making a small flash game in game maker 8.0 pro and I need some help. In my game, the character is in an office with cubicles. I need my character to be able to walk behind and in front of the ...
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Browser Game - Model or not Model

I'm planing on making a browser game just for fun and to improve my skills, but I have an issue regarding the Software Architecture of the game: I will be using an ORM to communicate with my database....
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Game character in the browser game appears on Android, but not on iOS

I have a problem with rendering the game on mobile platforms (the game is written on the Impact.js), the problem is only with the iOS actually, the screenshot below shows that the characters are ...
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Export Blender models and (procedural) material to Browser?

Given that Verge3d cannot support Volume input, or volumetric shader property in the material output node. Using WebGl 2, and possibly 3.js, is it possible for me to export my blender models and their ...
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Client says they want Unreal scene viewable in a web browser 😳 last minute

I have a job that I did for a client and the client wants the project to be viewable in a web browser. I looked into it and all I found was people telling me that it's impossible, but this is a low ...
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Signalling time-expiry to clients in a browser-based multiplayer game

I'm trying to develop my first ever browser-based multiplayer game that utilizes my own websocket server which has no multi-threading capability. It will be a game where players try to be the fastest ...
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Strategy browser game - Update tables on refresh

I am building a Travian clone for learning purposes using FastAPI for the backend. I want to update my current logged user tables whenever they are making a new request (such as loading a new page) ...
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0 answers

Proper way to handle timers at scale

At scale for multi-users, what is the proper way to implement timer updates? I'm making a game where Users have buildings to upgrade which involve timers (Yes I know there are plenty of questions ...
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Unity WebGL Canvas only loads on select machines There is a WebGL build in the background of this site, and it doesn't seem to laod on my iPad. I've asked a few people to visit and check it out, and some have said that the ...
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Unity WebPlayer : WWW GET Requests fail in webplayer only, not in editor

My question is about my game requesting data from my server-side cloud-based storage (I have the option of free public Dropbox or Amazon S3) via GET and the WWW class, and it not working only in the ...
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