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0 answers

Unity's Input System not registering Dualshock 4 input

I have a Dualshock 4 controller that I use on PC (mostly for Steam games on Windows 10). Its inputs register just fine under Game Controllers/Properties, but Unity ...
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Switch scenes and continue to receive bluetooth stream from Update

I have a scene where I'm connected to a BLE device and receive data in bytes. I want to switch scenes from the current Update and continue to receive the data without disconnecting. How should I do ...
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2 votes
1 answer

LibGdx Bluetooth Game with Android

I've created a simple 2d platformer with libGdx and box2d and i wanted to add some kind of a multiplayer to it.I found an implementation over the internet that uses bluetooth with libGdx and i've ...
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How to connect Unity with Arduino using Bluetooth module?

I will be getting data in real-time from an Arduino. I want to display that data (such as rpm of a bike) in my Unity game and use it to control the subjects in the game. I have Bluetooth module HC-05 ...
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Are there still favored of using bluetooth devices today in modern games for multiplayer gameplay?

I was wondering. Most multiplayer gameplay always favored by Wi-fi during team-up or to compete each other. I know that when in comes in huge groups (say 100 to 500 players or more online) in online ...
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Android local multiplayer

I am working on a FPS game for Android and I want to make a support for local multiplayer with no additional devices or server required. One of the player's devices would serve as a server, getting ...
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Mobile (bluetooth) connection to wiimote/controller [closed]

Looking to make a game for cross-platform mobile game. (Android, iOS, Win8) Playing with a controller is a pretty important feature. Bluetooth connecting with a Wiimote works, but there are a few ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Using Bluetooth in a Unity3D Game

Apart from using a plug in or other third party device, is there anyway Unity can support bluetooth communication between two devices? All of the links I have found seem to relate to third party ...
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Permanently Sync a wiimote with a computer

i have tried to look up many ways to sync up my wiimotes to my computer so that i can program games with it, but every time it only syncs them up temporarily, or if it says it can permanently sync it, ...
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Can a 3g network work for this project and is my understanding correct?

I want to make a game for the android phone using unity. As you can tell by my last post i wanted to use networking to make this happen. I decided unity would be a good choice and in no time i was ...
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Can one develop an application with Bluetooth support on iOS using Flash Builder 4.5?

I have heard about Flash Builder 4.5.1. As I have understood, one can make an application using Flex with Flash Builder 4.5.1 and also export the release build for iOS, Android and Blackberry. Is it ...
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