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Bloom is a shader technique that selectively blurs the bright portions of an image. The effect emulates imperfect focus on bright lights.

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HDR bloom techniques using post processing in Unity3D

I've seen many posts on how to accomplish HDR bloom effects in Unity3D using its (now legacy) Bloom component as part of the standard assets package. I'm trying to replicate it using the new post ...
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Improve bloom quality

I'm trying to understang how can I improve bloom effect quality using all known to me optimizations. Currently I'm making it as follows: Create new texture using some threshold to extracts areas ...
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Excluding some scene elements from bloom effect

I've enabled HDR and bloom effects in my SceneKit app, but I don't want some of the elements in my scene to bloom. For example, the lighter spots on the skybox are currently glowing. Is there some ...
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How to prevent transparent world UI elements from hiding post processing?

I have transparent world ui elements in my game like so: What I've been noticing is that post processing through transparent elements is nonexistent, even though other parts of the scene work with ...
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Gaussian blur only blurs the interior of primitive?

I cannot work out why my blur shader based on this example affects only what's inside the illuminated sphere. Below is the loop I'm using to blur an HDR framebuffer 5 times horizontally and vertically ...
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URP Camera Stacking. Different intensity of bloom in different objects

I understand that this topic has been raised more than once, but I have not found detailed step-by-step instructions anywhere on how to do this. Install the Universal RP and Post Processing packages. ...
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Whats the best way to light up a scene in unity?

What I want is a darkish scene with like neon style lights Currently is use the bloom post processing effect but sometimes it doesn't render well on my main camera and looks not as good as it does in ...
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Alternatives to bloom for glow?

I am making an android game. Mobile phones are usually very limited in graphics capability and so I do not want to use standard post-process bloom due to performance drawbacks. However I do want to ...
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