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How to update off screen bitmap in a surfaceview thread

I have a Surfaceview thread and an off canvas texture bitmap that is being generated (changed), first row (line), every frame and then copied one position (line) down on regular surfaceview bitmap to ...
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TileBased Game: Blitting Hero or Sprite?

So my environment is all set up and now I'm working on the movement physics of my character. I used blitting to copy over my tiles from a tilesheet. But since they are static, they are only copied ...
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Why is my partially transparent image blitted fully opaque?

I have a part in my program that should display the currently playing song's name for the first 4 seconds, then fade out. Even though Surface.get_alpha() returns ...
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Animating Tile with Blitting taking up Memory

I am trying to animate a specific tile in my 2d Array, using blitting. The animation consists of three different 16x16 sprites in a tilesheet. Now that works perfect with the code below. BUT it's ...
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Pygame having trouble with surface.blits method

I got used to blit every image into the screen on a seperate line in Pygame but now I want to start using the pygame.Surface.blits() method. According to the ...
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How to do Colored Lights in CIE XYZ/LUV-like Space?

I've a 2d background, some sprites, blitted onto it. And over all that in the final pass I draw colored lights, to make projectiles look cooler. Basically I apply a classic lightmap, which is colored ...
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