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Binary space partitioning is a technique used to subdivide a euclidean space into smaller, convex sets. Partitioning is achieved recursively using hyperplanes. A binary tree, called the BSP tree, is used to represent such partitioning.

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Binary Space Partitioning of 3d Triangle Mesh (for finding nearest points)

I'm writing a Binary Space Partitioning (BSP) tree for the purpose of optimizing finding the nearest point on the surface of a 3d triangle mesh with respect to another point. I'm currently following a ...
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3D Binary Space Partitioning with solid/empty leaves

I've recently started looking into BSPs for real-time collision detection, and I'm now looking into improving the performance of my solution. The system that I've implemented is rather similar to the ...
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Using binary space partition to lay out scenes in game

Q: How can I randomly lay out these house scenes in the larger scene such that they don't overlap? I'm using the Godot Engine to create a little 2D RPG kind of game. I'm laying out a village in a ...
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UDK: BSP from Brush-CSG Add cannot be deleted

Once a BSP has been created using Brush-CSG add it cannot be deleted. Del-DELETE from the keyboard yields no effect. Right click-cut yields no effect. Is there another way?
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