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For questions on handling the beta phase of game development.

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How do I set up a beta channel for my Steam game?

I have a released game on Steam. I'm working on a new version, but before releasing it to the public, I want to be able to test it with my friends on Steam, through a beta channel that can be accessed ...
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If there is an Alpha version, and a Beta version, are the full releases called Gamma or something?

Given the first release of a game is named "Alpha", and another is named "Beta", it would be logical that the release following this one is named "Gamma". This this the case?
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Long distance walking and fast travel

I'm developing a sort of ’social mmmo’ where people build an avatar and chat with people around them, carryout tasks together, and play team games. At the moment I have a product I want to release to ...
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Are TestFlight apps the same as the finished product?

This may be an obvious question, but to me it is a little unclear. I built an app using PhoneGap. While testing with PhoneGap Desktop and the associated app it was pretty obvious that this was just a ...
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How do I create a closed beta on Google Play?

As per suggestion I'm splitting How do I create a closed beta on the App Store? up. Can I upload the game I'm developing to Google Play as a closed beta, so I could generate a couple of keys/tokens ...
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How do I create a closed beta on Steam?

As per suggestion I'm splitting How do I create a closed beta on the App Store? up. Can I upload the game I'm developing to Steam as a closed beta, so I could generate a couple of keys/tokens for my ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How do I create a closed beta on the App Store?

After months of hard work, much to my surprise I'm about to unlock the "feature complete" and "production ready" achievements with the game I'm working on, so it's time to ask my colleagues and ...
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Declaring another alpha or beta testing after a game app for Android (APK file) is uploaded and already published in Google Play Store

This question is related about alpha or beta release in Google Play Store. . Let's say my app (APK file) was uploaded in alpha/beta testing. If one of the testers satisfied or quick fixes on the bugs, ...
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2 votes
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How to make it clear that a game is in Beta?

I develop games on ROBLOX which is a site full of user-generated games that are typically free for other users to enjoy. Many users have studios in which they have a consistent set of playtesters, but ...
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What are do's and don'ts on published APK for alpha and beta testing and how to manage it in Google Play for developers? [closed]

Before the official public release or publishing the first prototype game, I learned about alpha and beta testing in order to gain feedback and fixes needed to improve or correct the game's system. I ...
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Advice on playtester recruiting strategy for closed beta? [duplicate]

I am the lead programmer for a small game company working on our first release. A top down turn based historical WWII strategy game. Because our game appeals to WWII buffs and players who enjoy ‘...
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Beta testing of a prototype

I have developed a prototype for a new game concept. The game is an educational foreign language learning tool for K-16 students. I am at the point where I need to test with sample groups of students,...
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Black Box Functionality Testing Methods that apply to an MMO [closed]

I've been interesed in a career in Video Game QA for a long time now. I've participated in roughly a dozen+ public/closed betas for different games, everything from FPS, MMO, MOBA and RTS, as well as ...
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6 votes
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How do I recruit beta testers? [duplicate]

We're a small company without enough employees to run a large scale beta in house. The app is geo-location based so we're trying to recruits some beta testers from all over that aren't "friends and ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Is there a common invitees/players ratio during closed beta?

The question itself is fairly straight forward, but the answer takes a lot of industry insight. To give an example scenario, I am playing a game that's in closed beta right now. They have about 5000 ...
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3 answers

How to have a successful beta test with a small team?

I've done a lot of work (pro-bono) on a patch to a commercial game from ~11 years ago that needs some beta testing. Loads of people are waiting for it. What are some ways to get good (by that I mean ...
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How public should you make your betas? [closed]

I am approaching the point where I can release a playable beta of a very complex game I am making in Flash/AS3. It is fairly involved and the deepest game Ive made so far. I plan on hosting it on my ...
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