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BabylonJS is a JavaScript framework for building 3D games with HTML 5 and WebGL.

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Animate Gradient Material Offset in Babylon.js

I'd like to create an animated gradient material in babylon.js. I set up my gardient mateiral like this: ...
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Particle Turbulence Effect in Babylon.js

Is there any way to implement a turbulence effect in a babylon.js Particle System? I know that its possible to use physics engines on mesh objects, but I've not seen any discussion of using them on a ...
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3D title Rendering in Maya For babylon Js Game Engine

I created a 3D title in Maya and applied color through Lambertian shading and rendering with mental ray. The problem is when the title is rendered in the game engine, it is looking very sad. The ...
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Babylon.js not rendering scene

I'm very new to Babylon.js and I'm trying to make a simple game with it, but I have a problem: It does not render anything at all. Here's the playground link:
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BabylonJS strange behaviour when moving along a diagonal plane

so I'm trying to create a MOBA style game, this involves point and click movement. I'm at the point now where i'm messing about with movement: The ...
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Imported meshes can't be picked deterministically

Using BabylonJS, I have a grid of cylinder meshes created simply by ...
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Performance of BabylonJS and other browser based software vs traditional software on a low end rig

I would have thought that browser based programs like BabylonJS allowed anyone with a pc powerful enough to load a webpage to be able to utilize extremely powerful software that you'd otherwise needs ...
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