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An in-game representation of the player.

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Open-source character creation engine

I'm working on a project which aims to create a 3D character/avatar, given a set of facial parameters (e.g. offset of the eyes, hairstyle or gender of the avatar) (something like Blade & Soul ...
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OVR Lip Sync in Unity WebGL project

I am using the Oculus VR (OVR) Lip Sync Plugin for an avatar in a Unity project which I want to deploy to a browser using WebGL. The issue is that WebGL doesn't support Unity's ...
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Why are my avatar hands not closed when performing clap animation downloaded from mixamo

I am using finalIk to rig my avatar in my project. Looks okay. I also have a few animations downloaded from mixamo that I am using with it. However, there is a particular animation (clapping) that ...
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Customized humanoid blender rig is getting some issue with unity avatar

TLDR; After some thought, I think what my actual issue is that the exported rig from blender somehow isn't satisfying the unity avatar. I did add some extra bones, and still planning to add more in ...
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Detecting the avatar's position in relation to the camera's angle

How to detect the avatar's position in relation to the camera's angle. I want to detect whether the camera is facing the avatar's lef, right or back side. What's the best way to do this?
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Why does Avatar Mask not work as expected?

I have 2 layers: The base layer, and an upper body layer. On the upper body layer, I have an avatar mask because I only want to affect the upper body. However, this mask doesn't work as expected. Here ...
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Trouble referencing a bone transform in Unity. (Using MakeHuman armature / configured in Avatar ok / Anim mocaps working ok))

I've seen that the bones are Transforms. And i've tried copying many examples. The armature is the standard MakeHuman one and is unchanged. It imported to Unity fine and the mocap animations work ...
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Customizable 3D "growing" Avatars within Unity [closed]

I'm working on a project that allows the user to pick their personal avatar (change faces/body settings/etc), and then have child/adult versions of those. Ideally, they will allow an age progression ...
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How to handle clothing poke through for customizable characters? [duplicate]

I am in the process of developing a character customization system and I want to setup the base character model (the body) so that it works with which ever process I end up using. There are 2 aims ...
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How to handle 2d avatar creation [duplicate]

I am new to game design and i am creating a MMORPG that allows players to create 2d avatars that can be customized. If i had lets say a male character model (no equipment no armor). How would i handle ...
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3D 3-axes rotation into 3D 2-axes rotation

Hello everyone and thanks in advance to anyone who'll help me through this ! I am currently working on the Kinect V2 (for XBox One) to interact with an avatar. I'd like to use the rotation quaternion ...
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How should I handle sprite creation for customizable 2D characters?

I'm want to create avatar animations (sprites) for a browser-based MMORPG. The player is able to customize the character, and the content changes often (new weapons, armors, and so on). How can I ...
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How to create character avatars without lots of artwork?

I am writing a mafia RPG game where it is required to hire "goons" to be part of your family, I have about 10 "goon" avatars/artwork (+ retina) already and am hitting a problem. The problem is that ...
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Can I use the Minecraft avatar in my game as long as I texture it differently?

I'm creating a block-based game and am ready to start developing the avatar. I would like to use the Minecraft avatar model but use my own higher resolution texture. Can I do this or will I be ...
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How would I get the positon of my avatar's head?

I'm developing an XNA Game. Basically, I have a first person camera. What I want to do is get the position of an avatar's head. The reason I want to do that is because I want the camera to be on the ...
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Player icon auto generator

Hi I am searching for an open library (preferred in java) to generate user icons / badges for representing an user in an mmpg, rather than by his player name. The user does not need to take any ...
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What are some ways to implement variable body shapes?

Games like Ryzom and the Sims allow players to have human bodies with different shapes: wide or thin, tall or short, big noses or small, etc. It seems to me that it'd be impractical to pre-generate ...
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Avatar creation / dressing feature

What is the effort required to use a game engine such as Unreal or Unity, etc. and create an avatar customization features...complete with clothes. The user should be able to customize the body ...
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