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Determine End-to-End Latency on Laptop or PC

I'm working on a project to determine the end-to-end latency of a cloud gaming system (i.e., XCloud) on a MacBook. I believe I have half of the process completed so far: A Javascript web app that ...
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How can I stress-test my sever for the game Rust?

I am looking to stress test my server for the game Rust and monitor CPU, RAM and FPS. I could not find much around. I general I think I will need a good amount of compute power, bunch of cloud based ...
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How can i write automated tests for some SDL2 objects?

For eg having a class that is rendering something on the screen, could be even a point or a line if not an image or whatever. How is possible to write some tests for that class only? or just a small ...
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Unit testing graphics [duplicate]

What is the standard (if there is one) method which professional games developers use to unit test (or closest equivalent) graphics output? I am developing with Corona SDK and I would like to test ...
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Are mathematical models a good way to test strategy games?

I am currently working on a simple strategy game. The game is a space exploration game where the player has to try to keep the game going for as long as possible to score as many points as possible. ...
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How do I run functional tests against my Unity3D game?

Context I am continuing some legacy code for a game in Unity3d, and I want to write some functional tests meant for regression, to ensure I don't break things when implementing new things or when ...
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Automated testing of games [closed]

Are there methods of automated testing of games? Specific experiences are appreciated, with relevant information about the project such as platform and type of game if that helps with clarification....
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