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Audio middleware unity package missing assembly references

I want to use AudioKinetic WWise middleware to implement audio to a mobile game I'm working at the moment but I'm experiencing trouble assembly references thus I'm not able to code the audio scripts I ...
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After adding a new Assembly File the "Volume" class is no longer found

I added a new assembly file to a folder containing my Unity scripts. After setting the Assembly Definition References all Classes of other assemblies are found except ...
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How to Correctly Declare Unity's New System Input as an Assembly Definition Reference

I have 3 main assemblies, Core, Character, and Interactable. Interactable and Character both depend on Core. I got an error saying I needed to add TMPro as a dependency for Core, so I did that, and ...
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creating assembly files for third party libraries

I basically have a huge project and we just came to know about assembly definitions could speed up our compile time. I've got a lot of libraries hooked in, and when I tried to simply add an ...
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SNES development: why bitplanes get scrambled?

I am following this tutorial I am stuck on trying to draw a sprite. Where the end result should be this: My end result is this: As I have not been able to find ...
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How do I detect the side of collision?

I got a simple method of detecting collision between two objects. The next step is to figure out what side of the hitbox was hit so I know whether I need to push the other object back in X or Y axis. ...
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Drawing sprites to the screen in 65816 Assembly

I am trying to create a SNES game in assembly on the WLA-65816 assembler. However, I can't quite figure out how to draw sprites to the screen or figure out what software to use. At the minute, ...
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How to make MathNet.Numerics work with Unity?

I have installed the latest version of MathNet on Visual Studio using the NuGet Package Manager. I've also, copied the MathNet.Numerics.dll to an Plugins folder in ...
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Hardware for testing Mapper 30 NES homebrews

For someone wanting to get into NES/Famicom game development, and test on hardware (original and/or clones) to make sure the controls feel right, and to make sure the game is compatible for hardware ...
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Optimization of linear solving for small matrices (10x10)

How to optimize the hell out of linear system solving for small matrices (10x10)? This would be used in an AR engine for a few games, but has to be done very fast. This solver is to be executed in ...
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Classes in Unity - internal vs public

Why are classes created by the game developer in Unity public (by default) when you could just as easily make them internal? For example: I go Assets->Create->C# Script. Via the default script ...
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Pong in assembly waiting for input instead of moving the ball

I am writing pong in assembly x86 with TASM and I have a problem. The program is waiting to get input from the user to move the paddle (int 16h ah=0h) and while it is waiting the ball and the other ...
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Performance of 8 bit / 16 bit games vs Android/iOS games! [closed]

CONTEXT I have always been intrigued by video games - NES and SNES in particular. Now I am a 32 years old computer professional who has mostly done his coding in Java and C#. I recently found great ...
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What are the tools required to learn in order to create atari 2600 Games [closed]

I am a beginner in C++ and i would like to learn how to create a clone of an Atari 2600 game and using an emulator allow it to run on my current PC. my question is what programming language do i need ...
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Does HLSL implement Shader Model LOD instruction?

The DX Shader Model 5.0 has a lod instruction. It returns "the LOD (level of detail) that would be used for texture filtering". Does HLSL have a built-in intrinsic ...
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4 votes
6 answers

Is Kip R. Irvine's claim of Assembly being practical for game development accurate?

Kip R. Irvine's book, Assembly Language for x86 Processors, sixth edition, begins by comparing the Assembly language against high-level languages. One of the pros for Assembly, was game development: ...
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