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How to pass voxel data to shader?

I am working on a voxel game, and I approached the point where I need to add day/night in my world. Apparently, I should just be able to pass the torch and sunlight values into my shader and multiply ...
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How to create a 2d array in Unity using Visual Scripting?

Found some good tutorials on how to create 2-dimensional arrays in Unity: Anyone know if this is also supported in ...
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Passing a string as argument to Unity Job System

I have a Job that needs to take some string from main thread and use it locally. Considering that the Job System cannot directly accept the string as an argument, is there any workaround to circumvent ...
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AsyncGPUReadback.RequestIntoNativeArray - owner has been invalidated

I have the following C# code in Unity version 2022.2.0a12: ...
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Attach images via script into array unity

I have 3 objects of Image type in game scene. So I need to attach this 3 objects via script into Image array inside of this ...
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Get index of chunk in flattened 2d array from world position

I have a world which is divided in chunks and saved in a flattened 2d array. The world is currently 80 units wide and high, and each chunk represent a 20x20 unit area. This gives that in my flattened ...
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How do I offset a texture pointer in order to store an array of D3D11_SUBRESOURCE_DATA?

I'm attempting to load a sequence of frames from a GIF into a Texture2DArray using stbi_load_gif_from_memory which returns a ...
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